Jesus› Inheritance – You!

Did you know you were a gift to Jesus from God! It is written. Jesus Delighted in Us – «The Children of Men»! So God gave Us – The Gentiles – to Him! We are His Inheritance […]

Christ’s House – You!

When asked how He would reveal Himself to us and not the world, Jesus said, «My Father and I will make our home with you!» Families live in HOMES, not Churches, Temples, or Tabernacles!

Yet, go to any Church service in a man-made building, and they say, «Welcome to the house of God.» When the Last Trumpet sounds and we meet Christ in the air, it will be us – His Church, not Man-made Church Buildings […]

Our Father Paul!

Paul suffered shipwreck and spent a night and day in the sea, multiple beatings, imprisonment, ridicule, persecution, and finally Death. He lost everything, and said ALL his loss was dung […]

The Anointing

God Anointed Jesus. As Christ – The Anointed One – He proclaimed it to the church, and proved its Truth and Reality by the Words he spoke and the Works he did! His actions proved his Anointing […]

In Christ

Being Baptized is like a Tea bag immersed in hot water – The Tea and the Water become One – There is No Way the Tea and the Water can be separated […]