Scripture: [graphe /graf·ay/] Strong’s 1124 1. a writing, thing written. The Word of God in written form. The scripture stands for it’s Divine Author, understanding that it remains forever as the Living Voice of God spoken to us and for us!


Sanctification: hagiasmos [hag·ee·as·mos] Strongs 38 from 37 1) consecration, purification. 2) the effect of consecration. 2a) sanctification of heart and life. Sanctification is used of (a) separation to God (b) the course of life befitting those so separated Sanctification is that relationship with God into which men enter by faith in Christ and to which […]


Salvation: sozo [sode-zo] Strong’s 4982 1) to save, keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction 1a) to save one (from injury or peril) 1a1) to save one suffering from disease, to make well, heal, restore to health 1b1) to preserve one who is in danger of destruction, to save or rescue Salvation […]


Repentance: metanoia [met-anâ-oy-ah] Strong’s 3341 a change of mind, as it appears to one who repents, of a purpose he has formed or of something he has done. To turn away from sin, misdeeds and moral short comings and to dedicate one’s self to obedience toward God. To turn from darkness to Light and from […]

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ: «the salvation and power of God!» Jesus: Iesous [ee-ay-sooce] Strong’s 2424 «Jehovah is salvation» Christ: Christos [khris-tos] Strong’s 5547 «the anointed one» The Light of the word. The Sun of righteousness. The Salt of the earth. Son of God and Son of man. The Prince of Peace. God’s gift of salvation to us […]