Free MP3 Audio Bible!

Jesus said, Let these sayings sink down into your ears… Luke 9:44

Great blessings to the folks at Audio Treasure. Truly they have compiled a large Treasure of Audio resources for us!

Their Audio Treasury includes the KJV in many different languages, a «dramatized» KJV featuring Stephen Johnston with background music, the World English translation, some Christian E-books, Hymns and Contemporary Worship Songs… All available at no charge!

We are pleased to offer you one of these Audio Bibles, and have chosen this one because it is voice only and read a little slower than the other offerings.

The Audio Download of the Week: Book of Proverbs

Old Testament New Testament Audio Treasure
1st Samuel
2nd Samuel
1st Kings
2nd Kings
1st Chronicles
2nd Chronicles
Song of Solomon
1st Corinthians
2nd Corinthians
1st Thessalonians
2nd Thessalonians
1st Timothy
2nd Timothy
1st Peter
2nd Peter
1st John
2nd John
3rd John
KJV Text
Albanian NT – Mp3
Arabic – Real Audio Bible NT
Arabic Gospels and Psalms in mp3 audio
Bulgarian audio New Testament
Cantonese NT in mp3 audio
Czech Bible in mp3 audio
Farsi Gospel of John streaming real audio
French Audio Bible
German Bible mp3 and real audio
Greek New Testament mp3 audio
Hindi New Testament in mp3 audio
Hungarian New Testament in mp3
Italian Audio Bible
Mandarin Bible in mp3 audio
Polish Bible streaming real audio
Polish Bible mp3 audio
Russian Bible mp3 audio
Spanish New Testament in mp3 audio
Tamil Bible
Tagalog New Testament in mp3 audio
Urdu New Testament in mp3 audio
Vietnamese – ASF Audio Bible
Jesus Film Project – Real Audio & Video in 53 languages
Go there now!
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  1. Hi,

    Please let me know the «Tamil Bible Old Testament Audio» link.


  2. Christelle Pendlebury :

    Hi there,
    I›m looking for an Old Testament in Afrikaans mp3 for download.
    Hope you can find one….
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi, can you please send me a link for audio mp3 of the whole bible in Arabic … Thank you for your help!

  4. Greeting Wassim! Here is the link for a downloadable Arabic Audio Old Testament! Several Versions of the Arabic Audio New Testament

    God Bless You 🙂

  5. How can I download Audio Bible in tamil

  6. Greetings Ruban, Deepa Deepak, and Nelson,

    Here is a link to The Tamil Audio Bible I do not know if you can download it but you can listen online!

    God Bless You!

  7. Hi,

    I really enjoying this site & I am trying to look for a Cantonese audio bible old testament for my parents. I have been looking for a couple of weeks without success. Please can you give me a hand?


  8. Greetings Anthony,

    You can find the Cantonese Old and New Testament Audio Bible Here

    These do not appear to be Downloadable? You can listen and record with a program called MP3MYMP3!

    I could not find anywhere to purchase these either.

    God bless you and your parents Anthony 😉

  9. Dear Brothers,

    Does any one can help me to Download or send link for TAMIL AUDIO BIBLE for Nokia N70??

  10. Hi all,

    I downloaded the KJV Old Testament in English but the book of Micah doesn’t download. It seems to be missing from the link. All the other links of the Old Testament work except that one. If the link is fixed I would still love to download so I would have the complete set of the Old Testament.

    Thank You so much anyway for providing these books to download.

    Gary Kirby

  11. Sorry i had a typo in the post above about the missing link to download Micah. I couldn’t edit the last post so i reposted.

    Thank You again.

    Gary Kirby

  12. Greetings Gary,

    The link to Micah is fixed, or Click Here! I hope you enjoy listening to God’s Word as much as we do 🙂

    God Bless You,


  13. Dear brother,
    Can you help me to download Tamil old testament?
    I would love to possess it!

  14. Hi, can you please send me where I can download the whole audio bible in Tamil

  15. hai… can i get tamil audio bible to download please 🙂

  16. Greetings Ashwini,

    Here is a link for the Tamil Audio Bible – New Testament!

  17. Hi admin. Can u help me to find free Audio Bible Old Testament in Tagalog version? Thank U.

  18. Hi i need tamil audio bible…. how can i download it……… is there any weblink……………plz tell me…………

  19. Hello!
    Firstly, thanks for making the word of God – on Voice – available!

    I would like to know, do you have any plans to add in near future the Hindi Audio Bible for Old Testament?


  20. For the person who was looking for audio files of the Bible in Hebrew:

    Old Testament:

    It downloads kind of slow. They can either download individual books or the entire OT in one big zipped file.

    For the New Testament:

    Both are free, though the first site is asking for donations from those who can. If they don’t come up as links I would appreciate you formatting the link addresses for me as i don’t know what format your site requires. I noticed you provided a link to one site with free audio files for Koine Greek in the modern pronunciation. Here is a link for the audio files Marilynn Phemister produced in the Erasmian pronunciation used by universities and most scholars before she died. They are free as well:

  21. Hi, I tried the King James Version, but it’s really too hard to understand. Do you have something in standard English?

  22. a blessed day! may i know the link for download of the TAGALOG OLD TESTAMENT BIBLE AUDIO/MP3 .. i really need to have one ..:) ur response is highly appreciated.. God bless..

  23. Could you tell me a page where the German Old Testment in Mp3 or any audio format could be downloaded please? Thanks and God bless. Have a good day

  24. Hi 2 my Christian bro & sis. I,m having Nokia E5. & i need link for free audio bible download. Please help your christian bro. God bless u.

    i really need a link to download audio holy bible. Can any one please help me. Thank God blessed u as u do.

  25. Hi, can you please send me a link for audio mp3 of the whole bible in Arabic … Thank you for your help!

  26. Hi, I want Tamil audio bible to download, I already have New Testament but now I want Old Testament Tamil audio bible please help me!

  27. Hi, can you please send me where I can download the dramatized Bible in German?

  28. Hi. I am looking for a free download of the Gospel of John and/or a New Testament printed in ITALIAN, and also the same printed in ARABIC. Neither of the 2 people I have in mind for these would probably listen, they would more likely read. Any direction? P.S. Thank You for your site, the good information, and the free MP3 downloads!

  29. Hi, I am looking for Old testament audio Bible in Tamil Language.Please help me .
    Please help.Thanks in advance.

  30. I need audio bible downloads in Japanese, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Arabic. Kindly send me the link

  31. hai dear..
    i need tamil audio bible links.. can you?? please sent a link….

  32. I need audio bible downloads in German and in English (Good News Translation or Good News Bible) to better these two languages.

  33. how to download audio bible in malayalam version

  34. Hi Dear,
    I am Sean from China, i am looking for GNT audio download in English? Could you please give me a hand?
    Many thanks ahead.

    May God be with you.

    Best wishes & regards

  35. hi I am looking for audio bible old testament in urdu so please help me

  36. Hai,praise be to the lord!i am in need of audio bible for old testament.can you send me the link!waiting for your help!thanks be the lord!and thanks for you inadvance!

  37. how can i download tagalog old testatament audio files

  38. please can i have hausa in nigeria west africa audio kjv bible reading?

  39. Solicito, por favor o áudio da Bible versão GNT (inglês)

  40. nomrey tanzon :

    I want bible audio mp3 to hear the word of God.. please help me.

  41. Hi

    I am looking for the sotho bible in audio. i have the new testament, i looking for the old testament, if anyone has the link on where i can find please let me know.

  42. please send me a link of tagalog audio bible, old and new please…

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