Ordained by Men

Dear UR,

I received your latest letter and do not feel that UR a just or righteous God. I spent three years of my life, not to mention money and study time, to learn to be a MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL. The leaders and teachers of my DENOMINATION and all others that I know of require us to learn to hold Sunday Services, perform weddings, baptize, dedicate babies, conduct funeral sevices, counsel, comfort and assure the mourners that their loved ones are in Heaven with You.

We are ordained BY MEN and given names of honor, MINISTER, PREACHER, DOCTOR, REVEREND, RABBI, FATHER and even PRESIDENT of CHRISTIAN schools and colleges.

Our beeeeeauuuuutiful buildings require upkeep, as does our charity work and our salaries. How can we preach the Gospel without a building? Matthew 10:10 for instance says the «workman is worthy of his hire» and all of the churches solicit TITHES AND OFFERINGS, it has ALWAYS been so.

I ask You as Jesus asked Paul, why are you persecuting me?

We all preach Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, You as our Father and the Cross where He bled and died for us is prominently displayed. They know; there our sins were taken away, everyone is taught that. Good news every Sunday is the theme of MY SERMONS for MY CHURCH and OUR DENOMINATION OF FELLOWSHIP.

Your Pastor

PS – Why don’t you go after the TELEVANGELISTS? They don’t even claim a CHURCH affiliation, just their own MINISTRIES called by their OWN NAMES!

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  1. Remember that Our lives are governed by free will. «Choose you this day whom you will serve» Joshua 24:15. We live in scary times, but we must look to Christ.

  2. Greetings Michael,

    Welcome to Word Unplugged! As for me and my house we will serve the Lord… God bless you,


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