Wall Street, America’s Wailing Wall!

I would have replied sooner, …Butt we›ve been busy «as Hell» down here enlarging our «Dens» to accommodate the «Wind Fall» of «Wall Street». It’s to America now, as the «Wailing Wall» is to the Jews! Jews put prayers in their «Wall», Americans put money in theirs […]

The Cookie Cutter Church

I went to bed early and woke up during the night to a stench in my nostrils. I was looking into a room, like a cave, filled with smoke and dimly lit by the fires of hell. I saw what looked like a communications center, there were demonic messengers coming and going […]

In Remembrance

In the U.S. we celebrate Memorial Day in remembrance of all the fallen soldiers who died to secure our freedom. As I remember them, I can not help but remember all of Our Brothers, Sisters, and Christ Jesus Himself. They all fought «The Good Fight of Faith», shed their blood, and died […]

Whore of the Earth and Children Revealed!

They call their building «The House of God», …Butt it is really a «House of Merchandise». Death is their real «Merchandise», dead mens bones – displayed in boxes of silver and gold, and they even have a fisherman’s ring, bait for foolish fish – which have no excuse when they are caught […]