The Darkness of this World…

You gave the name of our «Holy Father» to an Evil man, and for years now have called mere «Unregenerate» men «Father»! Now we see this «Holy Father» as he is, one who hid and protected his own evil kind, Child Molesters – Pedophiles […]

Kingdom over Kingdom!

Have you read and believed Christ’s Words: «The works that I do, shall you do, and greater works than these shall you do»? Are you doing His works and greater? Or…Are you sitting on your Butt and giving your money to Satan’s Ministers […]

The Armor of Righteousness on the Right Hand and on the Left!

As parents guide a young child through a crowd they each take hold of the child’s hand. This prevents the child from straying to the right or the left and keeps them safe, and on the right path. This is the same way The Father and Son guide us! This is the Armor of Righteousness […]

Is It Written?

The Scriptures say Christ’s Apostles were ignorant, and unlearned men, yet the Religious Leaders of «Their Time» marveled at their understanding, and then discovered the source of their knowledge, «They had been with Jesus!» […]