America Repent and Pray

Reflecting on the demonstrations held across America on Monday it is clear to see that these ILLEGAL ALIENS have no respect for the laws of our land or the laws of our God; for He has said, «Obey the government, for God is the one who put it there. All governments have been placed in […]

Do You Believe in The Holy Spirit or Satan?

Most American Christians DO NOT believe the Holy Spirit or Satan are living beings …Butt, are just symbols of Good and Evil. Almost fifty percent (50%) believe that Jesus sinned when He lived on Earth […]

Humanist or Fool?

Humanist or Fool?

It’s OK to lie. It’s OK to steal. It’s OK to have premarital sex. It’s OK to cheat or to kill if these things are part of your value system, and you clarified these values for yourself. The important thing is not what values you choose, but that you have chosen them for yourself and without coercion of parents, spouse, priest, friends, ministers or social pressure of any kind. […]

Are You Born Again?

It is not enough to reply, «I belong to the church» or «I›m a Good Person…» Thousands of Casual, Carnal, Nominal Christians show none of the signs of being Born Again which the Scriptures have given us […]

The «Normalization of Homosexuality»

Most of today’s so-called «Christians» now treat the Bible’s teachings like Play-doh, molding them to fit the fads and morphing mores of the day. Their thirst to fit in with our decaying culture goes perpetually unquenched […]