Are You Born Again?

It is not enough to reply, «I belong to the church» or «I›m a Good Person…» Thousands of Casual, Carnal, Nominal Christians show none of the signs of being Born Again which the Scriptures have given us […]

Is It Written?

The Scriptures say Christ’s Apostles were ignorant, and unlearned men, yet the Religious Leaders of «Their Time» marveled at their understanding, and then discovered the source of their knowledge, «They had been with Jesus!» […]

Something not Sent…

Is it possible to receive something not sent to you? If I DO NOT send you a package, will you get one? Of course not! The question even sounds ridiculous …Butt, it is not as ridiculous as their teaching […]

Sinner’s Prayer vs Baptism!

When we are buried in Baptism with Christ, our Old Sinful Man dies and we are Born again – A New Creature «In Christ» with a New Heart, a New Spirit, the Mind of Christ, and Eternal Life […]

My Testimony – The Holy Ghostwriter

I AM a Ninety Year Old Child of My Father – God, a Bride of Jesus Christ, Baptized in John’s Baptism (Water) and Baptized by Jesus in Spirit (the Holy Ghost), and a Receiver of Paul – Whom Christ sent to the Gentiles – This is Me!!!

When I was in my Forties I had a Major Operation for Cancer of the Female Organs, they were ALL removed. About Four Years later the Cancer returned… My Doctor wanted me to have more Exploratory Surgery […]