Dear Pastor, I received your letter with much joy and in gladness of heart I answer you. The cross of Christ stands as a mystery to all of mankind. One of His hands points to the PAST for He was there. The upright post stands for the PRESENT for He is here with you and […]

Sinners Prayer

Dear U R, I received Your letter and again called my family, friends, and other local Pastors together to my house. We all feel we are hearing a new TRUTH and seeing for the first time the real TRUTH as it is written. One of our group checked out the scriptures in Colossians 2:14-15 and […]

Mystery of Hidden Wisdom

Dear Pastors, Family, and Friends What a joy to have you Ask Of Me! This is the desire of my heart – My children returned to Me as I said in Ezekiel 34:1-31. It is also the mystery of the hidden wisdom ordained before the foundation of the world, which the princes of this world […]

Working the Crowd

They walked along together hand-in-hand back to «The Father of Peace.» Rest and refreshing came to them by the sound of singing, even the air felt soft and sweet; the flowers were blooming and the soft grass under their feet felt like a carpet! Jesus› large, nail pierced hand, tousled his soft black curls that […]

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The Pity Pot

As Luke drew closer to «J’s» apartment he heard Davie’s small voice… «Gosh uncle «J», I didn’t mean to make you cry. Please don’t cry. Do you want me to go get Dad»? «No, No Davie! I›m crying because I am happy, glad, sad, mixed up… I don’t want anyone but you right now, okay»? […]