Fear Received

Dear UR, I received your letter and after reading it several times over, I felt like the camel trying to go through the eye of a needle (Mark 10:25), so please note that I do study the Scriptures. When it became apparent to me that I did not understand, like Cornelius (Acts 10:24) I called […]

Why are You going to a Building?

Dear Pastor, Family, Friends, and all who have joined your group, First let me assure you, you are not lost. I know exactly who and where you are; for I know My own. The bigger question is do you know who you really are, where you are, and who I AM? Romans 8:16 says, We […]

There was a Man Sent from God…

Jesus said, «I have finished the work which you gave me to do.» So why would you pay some one else for the work John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul, and all the other apostles did? What is it that all these other men have done […]