Money Seed?

All have the same pitch… However; the SEED they request is MONEY!!! And with these requests they want us to supply their living …Butt, this must be a joke for we searched the scriptures and can’t find a MONEY SEED anywhere! Neither Jesus, Paul, nor any of the other Disciples EVER asked for money. […]

The Pickpockets!

Let’s consider the first words out of their mouths – Welcome to The House of God! Now, God Himself has said, «He does not live in Houses made with hands!» So what is this …Butt, a boldfaced lie! […]

The Darkness of this World…

You gave the name of our «Holy Father» to an Evil man, and for years now have called mere «Unregenerate» men «Father»! Now we see this «Holy Father» as he is, one who hid and protected his own evil kind, Child Molesters – Pedophiles […]