The Gospel sent to the Gentiles!

Dear Jesus, we come to you and by you to Our Heavenly Father, We your people thank you for this privilege of honor, and joy, and revelation of Truth. We have assembled ourselves together, and after all our prayers, debates and yes, even arguments we have finally come to One Conclusion! We have not EVER […]

The Image of God?

Dear Children, Brothers and Sisters, Beloved of Me, Jesus, Paul, and all the apostles, Joy in Heaven and Earth!!! Finally you are reading and studying for yourselves. As «The Truth» is in Jesus so it is beginning to be in you. It is to My delight to find this proof in your most precious letter […]

In Remembrance

In the U.S. we celebrate Memorial Day in remembrance of all the fallen soldiers who died to secure our freedom. As I remember them, I can not help but remember all of Our Brothers, Sisters, and Christ Jesus Himself. They all fought «The Good Fight of Faith», shed their blood, and died […]

The Chief of Sinners

…Suddenly, Jesus was there! He had come to take Davie to meet Paul at his request. Davey grabbed Jesus› hand and proudly announced he was a partner with «Their Father.» Jesus smiled and said, «Yes you are and I›m so glad. You will be an Ambassador for me too»! «Wow, Jesus, I›m sure glad I […]

Something not Sent…

Is it possible to receive something not sent to you? If I DO NOT send you a package, will you get one? Of course not! The question even sounds ridiculous …Butt, it is not as ridiculous as their teaching […]