America Repent and Pray

Reflecting on the demonstrations held across America on Monday it is clear to see that these ILLEGAL ALIENS have no respect for the laws of our land or the laws of our God; for He has said, «Obey the government, for God is the one who put it there. All governments have been placed in […]


Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth! 3rd John 2 God has given us «exceeding great and precious promises» 1 Peter 1:4, however, the promised blessings do not come automatically: All require faith and patience (Hebrews 6:12); some are conditional based on obedience […]

Prosperity Unplugged

DENOMINATIONAL MINISTERS teach that MONEY is the SEED. Do you believe that money is the seed? Then go ahead, plant some money in your garden and see what you get. Put some money in your bird feeder and see how many birds eat it. Grind up some money and make a loaf of bread with it or a cake. […]

Tinker› Time

Luke and his Dad were happily going over Davie’s continued good reports. His vitals were good. His fever was down and his little battered face was beginning to look like himself again! It had been two weeks now and their hopes were high. They had opted for diapers and removed his oxygen tube. He was […]

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There Rings a Melody

Morning required the «Patience of Job» and Jonathan’s expertise to handle The Team! Luke purchased the required blue toothbrush. Ellie and Joe arrived with a suitcase full of Davies regular clothes and shoes. Some toys and his favorite books, a couple of board games, much love and tears, and a new appreciation for faith, prayer, […]

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