Time to go Home

They had moved Davie out of the ICU into a private room with nursing care around-the-clock. «The Team» checked on him regularly as did Luke himself. Jonathan had come up with a helmet like covering for his head wound – It eliminated bandages and tape, was soft and comfortable. «J’s» genius never failed to impress […]

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My Testimony – The Holy Ghostwriter

I AM a Ninety Year Old Child of My Father – God, a Bride of Jesus Christ, Baptized in John’s Baptism (Water) and Baptized by Jesus in Spirit (the Holy Ghost), and a Receiver of Paul – Whom Christ sent to the Gentiles – This is Me!!!

When I was in my Forties I had a Major Operation for Cancer of the Female Organs, they were ALL removed. About Four Years later the Cancer returned… My Doctor wanted me to have more Exploratory Surgery […]