The Law of Moses required the high priest to go into the holiest place one day each year with the blood of the sin offering, a bull, to make atonement for his sin and the sin of the people. Now we have received the atonement through the blood of Christ and can meet with God anytime! […]

The Grand Old Lady

Dr. Lucas Michael Gregory walked out of Mercy General Hospital and headed for his parking spot. When he reached his BMW he paused and looked back up at the building, he called The Grand Old Lady. She was that to him as well as a second home. He had come here fresh from medical school […]

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The Armor of Righteousness on the Right Hand and on the Left!

As parents guide a young child through a crowd they each take hold of the child’s hand. This prevents the child from straying to the right or the left and keeps them safe, and on the right path. This is the same way The Father and Son guide us! This is the Armor of Righteousness […]