The Grand Old Lady

Until he had met His Kate, he had not realized he was missing anything. Much to his delight, their friendship, and fellowship in the Lord grew and blossomed into love and marriage.

One of these blessings had been his future Mother In-law! Luke had met and loved Kate’s mother, Nonie. She had lost her husband, David O›Brien, in a gang-related drive-by shooting three years earlier.

Kate’s father had been a Physician as well so she understood all of Luke’s difficulties, and the demands not only on him, but also on the family as well…Strong emotions of Hope and Sadness, coupled with long hours and late night calls were all part of the package.

Kate too had been born to wealth and privilege by godly parents. He looked at her as a blessing from God. Luke was pleasantly surprised when they decided to be married and she said, «I don’t want a Big Bash wedding, I just want to be married in a garden. God chose to start His family in a garden and that is where I choose to start ours. I want green grass and blue skies, not some man-made building!»

Megan, Luke’s mother, and Nonie had gotten their heads together and Luke and Kate were married in his family’s garden. A few friends, their respective relatives, and of course the Tinkerbelle’s were invited. The grass was like green velvet and the sky a ribbon of blue over their heads as they made their vows to each other before God, their families, and friends!

Luke and Kate were both stunned and overjoyed when his parents handed them the deed to their Estate of 7 acres as a wedding gift. The big house, guesthouse, and small barn, had a creek and bridge separating them from the neighbor’s houses. His folks said, «We are looking forward to the days of watching your children here where you grew up, and our own freedom from any ties as well!»

They had inherited Ellie and Joe who lived in the guesthouse and had worked for his parents since he was a teenager.

He was very grateful for them, as Kate was never alone. The house was clean and dinner was ready five nights a week. The lawns were mowed, the garden tended, and they never missed a beat at the change of owners.

Ellie still bossed Luke around to Kate’s utter delight, and Joe never asked about any task, he just said, «I think…» Then he did the work perfectly!

Kate and Ellie worked out their own schedules and loved each other as two with One Heart, each in their respective ways, making this house their «Home».

Luke really believed their marriage had been ordained in heaven and God had blessed them above all they could ask or think. Their hearts desire was for a family and when Kate discovered she was pregnant after just four months, their joy knew no bounds.

He watched her like an Old Mother Hen with one chick, and laughed along with those who teased him. The night she woke him up and said, «I think…» (She got no further as the pain silenced her).

Luke said, «I know…», and they headed for The Grand Old Lady. He called her gynecologist and felt helpless in one way, excited in another. He held her hand, breathed through the pains with her, fed her ice chips, and sponged her face as he prayed and thanked God that He was there with them in Christ.

When Davie made his entrance into the world the attending physician laid him on Kate’s tummy and gave Luke the honor of cutting the cord. He thought his heart would burst for joy! Davie was a beautiful, perfect little boy with lots of dark hair. He was a full 8 pounds, howling with indignation at this «Rude» treatment.

Kate was laughing and crying as he lifted him up for her to see and touch. Then the Nurse whisked him away to clean, weigh, measure, and check!

When they returned with Davie, Luke held him close for a minute before he laid him in Kate’s arms and just looked at the two of them – His Family. The love of God came over him so strong he was glad he was sitting on the side of Kate’s bed. For the first time in his life, Luke believed he truly knew the real meaning of «God so loved…»

It was Spirit, for it filled him completely with so much joy he could never explain it, only accept it in awe and wonder! He looked at Kate, saw the same awe, and wonder on her face as she looked at their child and back up at him. The two had truly become one in this child.

Now Luke understood why our relationship with God centers on His Son. There is no other way you could receive such a gift of grace and love, but through a child given to you by God. This experience of wonder, love, and thankfulness, overwhelmed them!

They wound the blanket around Davie after counting his fingers and toes and gazed in awe at the tiny fists, perfect rose bud mouth, and dark black hair just like his Daddy. Luke hoped he would have Kate’s beautiful green eyes. This proved to be the case in just a short period!

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