The Grand Old Lady

Kate fell asleep and Luke went out onto one of the balconies and looked up at the stars. He knew he was seeing the same stars Abraham had looked to for faith and guidance. Abraham had a total belief in a Loving Father! Abraham’s faith was so simple, he «believed God», and so did Luke! How could anyone not believe after holding one of these Creations of Love in their own arms?

This thought was planted in his heart so deeply and completely, it had truly become a part of him, just as his hands or eyes; eyes to see with, and hands to hold, and give. It was even more real to Luke, as he realized this was the second son God had given him and the whole world! Then he remembered the words of Peter, the Day-Star had indeed risen in his heart, and illuminated his mind as a new, everlasting Light shed its beams there!

Christ had been formed in Luke when had been born of God at his baptism. Now they were one with and in, The Father. He had become a son of God – Now with the birth of Davie, he had become a father!

Davie had been formed in Kate, one in and with them, just as God was one with them in Christ.

The wonder of it all struck him to his knees as Isaiah 9:6 became a reality to him, not just a Scripture – «Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given.»

He called Nonie and his mother, and then walked back to His Kate’s room. He pushed the other bed as close to hers as he could. Luke had asked for, and received, a room with two beds. He did not intend to leave them that wonderful night.

He reached over and took Kate’s hand in his, and silently poured out his heart to the mother of this child God had given them. She was a part of this miracle they shared in with God, through Christ. He needed that human touch of her hand as well, a connection of Love.

He fell asleep and awoke to that wonderful sound, a baby – His baby – Crying! While fighting through the fog of sleep he saw the nurse hand Davie to Kate. Then Luke just sat there and watched Mother and Son.

He grinned as the hungry little person found what he knew instinctively and latched on as Kate stroked his black hair and bent to kiss his cheek. She grinned back at him and said, «Like father, like son.» There was a picture here, his mind snapped it like a camera, and it was developed and imprinted forever in his heart.

Kate patted the bed, an invitation for him to come over and share this family moment before the other family members and friends arrived. It had always been that way between them. He went to Kate and put his arm around her. He kissed her cheek, and the top of his son’s head. They were complete in each other! It had been so through all seven years of their marriage, and now even more so. They were a family, a sealed unit forever!

Now they were doubling their joy as another baby was on the way. Kate was eight months along, and they were very happy. Davie was bragging about being the big brother. He was going to be the best brother in the whole world, and Mom’s best helper too!

Luke pulled out into the intersection and turned onto his exit lane heading for home. He enjoyed the 15 to 20 minute drive. It was a time of prayer and thanksgiving that cleared his mind for his two loves, his Home and The Grand Old Lady Mercy General Hospital. There he had found His Kate, watched his son enter into the world, and finally had his brother Jonathan come to be with him.

His joy right now was a rare weekend off with two whole days at home! He did not worry as long as he knew Dr. Jonathan Gregory was in charge during his absence, and he was only a short drive away.

Luke had been especially happy on his way in this morning. They had received a phone call from his folks, Mike and Megan, telling them they would be arriving in two weeks. His parents were coming to be with Kate and Davie every day during the last few weeks of her term. His Kate and Davie adored them both.

His father’s favorite joke was that Kate would never have married Luke if she had not known him first! Mike was overjoyed to have gained a daughter! When Davie arrived, he acted as if no one had ever been a grandfather before. He accepted all the teasing and his bragging rights with a grin…and kept right on grinning and bragging even more!

Soon after Davie had been born, Luke and Kate had talked Nonie into living with them. Their house was spacious and as they had slowly remodeled and enlarged it, they added on a special Apartment for her. How glad they were for the time they spent with her…They had lost her to a tragic accident 4 1/2 years later.

Luke had learned during their courtship that Nonie and her husband, David O›Brien, along with his three brothers and their father, had built hospitals and clinics all around the USA. Immediately after David’s death, one of the brothers, Uncle Ed, had insisted Nonie and Kate move here to Maplewood so he could keep an eye on them.

The senseless murder of his brother and another Doctor, as they walked out of a clinic they sponsored for the poor, had shaken them badly.

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