The Grand Old Lady

Uncle Ed settled them into a condominium he owned and put Nonie in charge of the Gift Shop and the training of the Pink Ladies, as she had done at her Husband’s hospital for years. He cared for her and Kate as his own. In his heart, they were all he had left of his brother, whom he could see in them.

Nonie, in loving memory and honor of David O›Brien, endowed their estate in trust to that hospital. She requested that they use it as a Free Clinic for the children of the poor.

Davie bore two very special names, David and Jonathan. His namesake was his grandfather, David O›Brien, and the brother of Luke’s heart, Jonathan or J Gregory. He stood for the House of David and the love between David and Jonathan of the Scriptures!

As the time for the new baby drew closer, both he and Kate felt the loss of Nonie more and more. She, Kate, and Davie had been a symbol of The Generations: Past, Present, and Future. God had made them all One Family, for He was part of them all; his parents, Kate’s parents, and of course Kate and himself. Through God and His Son, Luke had come to understand more fully: One Blood, One Heart, and One Mind. The Father and Son abode in all of them NOW!

The Family of God made sense to Luke and Kate in a way it never had before, and they cherished the revelation, for it had come to them from God through birth and death. He remembered the day they had lost Nonie and experienced Family in a deeper and everlasting way. It was not in words only, but by an awesome and unforgettable experience!

A man suffering a heart attack had tried to drive himself to the hospital. He turned into the entrance and lost control of his car, driving up onto the sidewalk just as Nonie and several others were coming out. The car hit seven of them, but Nonie and two others were seriously injured. By the time Luke and Kate arrived at the hospital, Uncle Ed had ordered X-rays, an MRI, and put her in one of the family VIP rooms where they joined her. They sat on each side of the bed holding her hands, while waiting for news from the specialist Ed was consulting at that very moment.

Although heavily sedated she shocked them when her eyes opened. She smiled at them and said, «You have to let me go, David is waiting, you have each other. Please – Let Me Go!» Kate leaned down, whispered in her mother’s ear, and kissed her cheek. Then something filled the room; a presence almost like a pressure. Luke saw Kate’s head lift up and her eyes widen. He swore a hand ruffled her hair. Then Nonie gave them a radiant smile and was gone…

Luke gently laid her hand down and kissed her cheek. He walked around to Kate’s side of the bed, picked up His Kate, and carried her to the rocking chair. He held and rocked her as he had done to Davie so many times. No words were necessary. Their hearts grieved together as one. Their tears mingled and yet God held them in a quiet peace and wonder at what they had experienced.

The peace of God that passes all understanding, had given them an understanding beyond themselves of the Truth of The family of God. It enabled Kate to raise her head from his comforting embrace and say, «Honey, call Uncle Ed, and whoever else you need to and let’s go home. We know all of her wishes and will fulfill them from there.»

They gently laid her body beside her beloved husband. Even though Nonie was gone in one way, her gentle, loving, and laughing spirit remained with them to this day.

Once again, the Written Word had become the Living Word! The truth and joy of knowing that God’s gifts are eternal and real to all who believe and receive them.

They still spoke of her with the joy she brought to them, gave thanks for the time they had shared, and rejoiced in the quiet conviction that they knew where she was and with Whom!

Kate had overcome grief and sorrow by knowing that her parent’s love for each other continues eternally! Love is a gift from God and like Himself is eternal, for our loved ones and us too!

Luke had only gone about five miles when he came to an abrupt halt. Cars had stopped and backed up for as far as he could see. He saw a State Trooper walking towards him, rolled down his window, and asked, «What’s the hold up, Sir?»

The officer replied, «Two tractor-trailers tangled about a mile up the road. One was carrying barrels of molasses, the other sawdust; it is a hell of a mess. We have the cleanup crews on it, but, it’s going to be a while, about an hour or so.»

Luke said, «I am a Doctor, can I help?»

«Nope», the trooper replied, «Those two dummies are already hospitalized!»

He went to the next car, «A hell of a mess» he kept saying and Luke had to laugh. He called Kate and gave her the «hell of a mess» message. He rolled down the window, tipped his seat back, and knew from his years of internship, if you get a chance to rest, take it!

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