The Grand Old Lady

Luke was delighted when J had followed his footsteps into Medicine. Although he had chosen a different school and hospital, he was at the top of his class and Luke was very proud of him. J had not come to them as a poor relation; he too was wealthy in his own right. He was the only heir of his parent’s share of the Gregory’s wealth and vast holdings. Aunt Steel held it in trust for him along with his their large ranch home.

His love of family remained strong. He made it home every Christmas and was best man at Luke’s wedding. He loved Kate as his sister and rejoiced at the birth of his namesake – Davie Jonathan Gregory.

He had a special rapport with him, often sent gifts and whenever possible came home for his birthdays. Davie adored him! The feelings were mutual, much to Luke’s delight. Watching his two favorite people playing together always gave his heart a lift and a laugh!

After a million refusals, J had finally accepted the position Luke was able to offer him as Chief of Staff at The Grand Old Lady. He still remembered J’s message, «I accept, driving at my leisure, ETA unknown. Love, Your Bro, J.»

Luke recalled clearly the day he arrived at Mercy General. He had just gotten out of the shower and was leaning into his locker to get his clothes when he heard the snap of a wet towel and felt the sting on his butt! He turned around ready to fight, and there stood Jonathan grinning from ear to ear!

He was so handsome and so much a part of himself. Luke grabbed a terry cloth robe and J. They held each other for a few precious moments. J was finally home! Now he had His Brother and an answer to his prayers as well – Dr. Jonathan – Two Dr. Gregorys to run The Grand Old Lady’s new wing.

Luke had never given up hope for this day. «Hope springs Eternal» came to his mind. He laughed as he looked down and realized he needed to get dressed. His bare toes were dangerously close to a pair of extra large shoes! Both grinned as they remembered the family joke. «If those two ever grow into their feet, they are going to be the tallest ones in the family.» They were both a hair over six feet two, handsome, wealthy, and talented in their chosen field of Medicine. The only difference lay in J’s spiritual bankruptcy and Luke’s complete faith.

They had never talked about that fatal night. Luke’s father had forbidden it, saying, «God will bring him in His own time and in His own way. He’s my son now and the ‹Sure Mercies of David› still hold everlasting for me and my household»! They had God’s Covenant and the declaration of King David’s Sure Mercies. His Grace was more than sufficient!

The honking of horns brought Luke out of his reverie and he joined the moving traffic. He slowed down and turned off onto the shaded lane that led home. He pushed the button that opened the gate then looked up and saw Kate and Davie waiting and waving from the porch swing.

All cares and worries rolled off him. This was his Fair Haven – His own place of peace. Luke held them both, and then walked into the kitchen where dinner was waiting. His Blessing of the food was more than just that…it encompassed all!

The «All Things are yours» of God’s Word!

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