There Rings a Melody

Morning required the «Patience of Job» and Jonathan’s expertise to handle The Team!

Luke purchased the required blue toothbrush. Ellie and Joe arrived with a suitcase full of Davies regular clothes and shoes. Some toys and his favorite books, a couple of board games, much love and tears, and a new appreciation for faith, prayer, and a little boys devoted Mom and Dad who shared their joy with them – They were Family too!

Luke called Ginny; Kate’s own Doctor, and asked her to come check Kate and Thumper. When she saw Davey she burst into tears, held Kate and said, «They won and we will too»!

«I know», Kate replied and laughingly told her Davies secret! He could not keep it…

Davie said, «God, I didn’t try very hard – My Mom cried and I told her.»

His heart heard a laughing reply, «I know, it’s okay Little One; they›ll all know in three days.» This one he kept to himself…His Dad and Ginny were doctors; but he and his «Father» new «Stuff» too!

Jonathan and Luke were both hesitant about too much activity for Davie. He had been bad fast for six weeks. Luke prayed and Jonathan checked him over. He had eaten breakfast without a qualm; to everyone’s surprise except his own…He had eaten fruit with Andrew and the Lamb of God had fed them!

Davie had no fear of anything. He just expected everything to be all right, and it was! Luke and «The Team» still deferred to Jonathan, as agreed at the beginning of the accident.

«The Team» and the Nurses who had supported them were to stop by two at a time and see the «Miracle» for themselves! Their prayers, care, knowledge and dedication deserved to be acknowledged with thanksgiving – So they came…

Kate asked to be there too. Ginny and Luke agreed, so the Suite had an «Open House», a «Blessing Day.» It held both Joy and Thankfulness. Kate especially held each one of their healing hands. They could not only see her gratitude; they felt it – Expressed not only in words, but in actions – Tears with smiles were the order of the day!!!

Ginny, Jonathan, and Luke all agreed that «The Family» should stay put at Mercy General until Thumper decided to put in an appearance. Then «The Family» could all go home!

Luke’s folks were «On Call» – Available to sit with Davie when Kate started to give birth. His Mother’s sweet spirit along with Kate’s kept Luke peace as he watched them share Davie. Two Mother’s Joy over Two Sons!

The age difference made No Difference.

They shared a special rapport and his gratitude for his Mother’s love for Kate, and her presence, had been the glue that had enabled him to keep going to his position here at the hospital. Jonathan’s presence at «Work» and his Mother’s presence at home had held him up! How he loved this feeling of «Family.» God had given him such treasures in His – The Family of and in God was his!!!

Kate woke up feeling the labor pain start, she thought. She looked at the bedside clock and waited; yes, 10 minutes and another pain! She woke Luke. He smiled at her and said, «Time Sweetheart»?

«I think so», she replied.

Luke called his Mom and Ginny – No frantic rushing – Just a short ride down a warm hall!

This «Grand Old Lady» of Mercy General had held his Family safe in her arms for nearly 2 months. Davie had made the «Rounds» with both him and Jonathan. Thanking everyone for their prayers and care of him and his Mom. Luke was so proud of him and Jonathan felt the same!

The secret voice in Davie’s heart had told him «to wait», so he had. The «Pity Pot» funny was still their secret…

Dr. Ginny arrived, check Kate and said, «Let’s go honey I think Thumper’s in a hurry»!

The short ride to the delivery room was accomplished in QuickTime. Kate held Luke’s hand and said, «I know a secret! Davie told me it’s a girl and we›re to call her Melody»!

He looked at her and started to laugh…»I know I secret too! It’s a girl – Davie told me – we›re to call her Melody.»

They linked hands, shared a soft kiss, and three hours later held «Their Melody» in their arms! The bed rest and all the love of the family had made for the easiest birth Dr. Ginny or Luke had ever seen. Like Davie she had lots of black hair and howled at being thrust naked on her mommy’s tummy while Luke cut the cord.

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