There Rings a Melody

«Eight pounds of perfection» was the verdict of the nurse who brought her back to them. Clean and quiet, wrapped in a pink blanket. As Kate held her for the first time she looked at her handsome husband and said, «Thank you Husband of Mine – You make the most beautiful babies.» And she was!

Luke took her in his arms, sat beside Kate and said, «I only followed the pattern I was looking at when I designed her…»

The Secret was revealed – From God to Davie through Each Other. All had their part to play and all had been orchestrated by Their Heavenly Father thru another Beautiful Baby’s birth!

Home! They were going «Home»!!!

Two months of care, prayer, and love had really united them with everyone at Mercy General. Kate was informed she too was theirs just as Luke was – The children were both born there and belong to them too! She agreed them would miss them all very much, and never lose touch!

Davey had enjoyed his «Miracle» status but he wanted to go home to his own room, run around in his own yard, play with Timmy, and be Melody’s «Big Brother.» Most of all he wanted to deliver his «Funny to his Uncle Jonathan.

Seeing his Mom up and walking around again was a relief to his heart and mind. She was always so full of life and activity – To see her bed fast had made him feel funny inside – So he just talked to his «Two Fathers.» Both had assured him she was okay, and she was! She was so pretty! He was glad he had thanked his other Grandfather for sending him to his Dad and Mom…They were the best!

The «Secret Heart Voice» had told him to «wait» about the «Stuff» he had seen and heard…He had said nothing that first night back! He knew some people looked at him kind of funny; but he didn’t care, Jesus was his «Big brother», and God was «His Father»! So he held it close and kept quiet. He knew his Mom and Dad were just happy he was home and well – As were his Grandparents – For now that was enough.

The «Big Day» had finally arrived! Joe and Ellie had come the night before and helped pack up everything and took it home. His Grampa had called for a limousine for his Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Melody. He would ride with Jonathan and bring his Mom’s car home.

As they came to the lobby of that «Grand Old Lady» on their way out, it was lined with an «Honor Guard of the Staff»! His Mom cried as his Dad pushed her wheelchair to the limo. His grandma was carrying Melody in her arms and let everyone see her. He, Jonathan, and Grampa brought up the «Rear Guard»; as his Grandpa called it…

Luke had requested «No Company» at the house on their homecoming – Just Ellie and Joe – They were «Family.» Kate had a long way to go yet to regain her strength. His folks, Jonathan, and himself included, needed peace and each other as they «Recovered» and entered into a normal life again. Melody was the only one who slept peacefully through it all.

They had chosen a middle name for her and Kate had asked that she be the one to announce it after dinner that night. Ellie had fixed everyone’s favorite dinner: Pot Roast with all the trimmings, Home made Rolls, Fruit Salad, and her «Famous Pecan Pie.»

The second «Dessert» was a wave of laughter as she handed Luke’s Dad a whole pie of his own! He said, «Go ahead and have your «Belly Laughs» – Believe me none of this pie will ever be in any of your bellies»! He had the last laugh and the whole pie.

Luke picked Kate up and carried her to their comfy living room. He whispered in her ear, «Welcome Home – My Wife – My Love – My Life! Thank you for our Son and Daughter. Your faith, love, and courage through all of this brought us ‹Home›»!

She looked up at his beloved face, laid a hand on his cheek and replied, «Remember I did not do this alone. I had the best Partner on Earth and the best in Heaven as well.»

The rest of the family followed them into the living room. Kate went to the cradle Jonathan had surprised them with, picked up Melody and said, «As we welcomed this new member of Our Family home tonight, I want to start with her Namesake.» She walked to Luke’s Mother, laid the sleeping baby in her arms, and said, «Everyone meet and welcome ‹Melody Megan Gregory›»!

Luke’s Mother just looked at Melody in wonder and joy as she said, «Luke gave us a daughter when they brought you into this family, now our joy is doubled»! She kissed Kate as her tears overflowed. This «Moment» truly sealed «The Homecoming.»

Joe and Ellie said goodnight after taking their turn at holding «M &M Sugar Baby» as Joe laughingly called her. Luke’s folks were tired as were he and Kate. Bed sounded good – Especially their own bed!

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