The Accident

The next morning Kate woke up slowly due to her beetle on the back condition. She stretched the best she could and smiled as she heard the shower running. Luke was home for the weekend!

She let her sleepy gaze roam around the room. They had slowly furnished this, their master suite, and it in itself was a joy. There were two big oversize chairs that made into single beds. Used especially by a little person with bad dreams or a tummy ache, the sniffles or a good little faker, she suspected at times. There was a fireplace and they had removed two windows to accommodate the sliding glass door that led to the deck. They each had a walk-in closet and a separate bathroom. The Suite had been furnished with TV, music and a king size bed.

Kate was an artist and illustrated Childrens books, so color and design were second nature to her. Luke was the biggest fan of her talents and left it mostly in her hands. His laughing remarks and approval of the perfection she had achieved still pleased them both. «This house,» he said proudly, «is our Home, and you have made it so! We heard Jesus’ voice and invited Him in to share it with us. We loved Him and Our Father moved in too…That is what makes it truly Home.»

She laughed with him and said, «I played and you paid! Jesus already paid, so it is His home too. Oh Luke, we are so blessed to have Him present with us here and now!»

Kate had opted to stay home and work from there as soon as she became pregnant. Her studio and Luke’s office were two new additions to the house, along with Nonie’s apartment, which Jonathan had accepted as his for now.

Luke was content to have J close, but still independent in a way. He ate many dinners with them, as Ellie’s cooking was a big draw that no one could resist. He sat quietly and bowed his head at the table during the blessing, but always remained silent.

Kate heard the shower shut off and knew Luke would join her in a few minutes. She kept her eyes shut and felt the mattress dip with his weight. His two big warm hands caressed her tummy. She felt a soft kiss, a cheek pressed on her and heard the teasing voice, «I know what Katie did…Yes I do!»

She peeked at him through her long lashes then reached down and grabbed two handfuls of his midnight black hair. As she pulled him up he yelped, «Ouch! You little sneak. You were awake all the time.»

She just grinned at him and said, «Dr. Gregory, I think it’s time for you to fully understand what Katie did, she did not do alone!»

He smiled down at her and she looked up into the kindest, beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen. He kissed the tip of her nose and laughingly answered, «Gosh I hope not! I surely want my fair share of the credit for that little guy across the hall! I don’t want to be left out on this one either.»

He stood and scooped her up. Then carried her to one of the big chairs and settled her on his lap. He nuzzled her hair and said, «Today is our day, barring an emergency, and it’s yours to do anything you want. So choose!»

Kate snuggled into his embrace and inhaled the clean, manly smell of his soap and shampoo. His large frame dwarfed her and she exulted in the size of him, which had always given her a sense of protection. She looked up, touched his freshly shaven cheek, and replied, «I don’t want to do anything. I just want to be and enjoy who and what we are, a family together»!

Luke smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. He proclaimed The Day. «You are Queen for the day. I›ll get the Slave Labor Prince up and we shall serve you!» He carried her to the bathroom and gave orders. «Bathe in the sit-down tub. Put on your most comfortable gunnysack and we will dine on the ‹Terr—azz› as Davie calls it.»

The day began with the Slave Labor Prince announcing the menu as he very carefully handed her a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and started setting the table. «First off ‹Mom, Your Highness, you get 2 cups of decaf coffee instead of just one! Dad is doin his Famous French toast, crispy bacon, poach-ed eggs, and smooshed real strawberries with whipped cream. Your crown is kisses from us guys!»

Kate laughed and said, «Oh Davie that is so perfect. It’s just wonderful, thank you!»

Davie paused in his table setting and looked up at her, his face set in a serious squint, «Mom, do you think Dad goes a little Bonkers when he gets to spend a weekend at home with us?»

«Sweetheart,» Kate answered, «Why are you asking me this? Is something wrong?»

«Uh, no,» Davie replied, «I dun no – really. When dad told me to set the table, he said to use the picnic dishes from the basket thing, cause there wasn’t gonna be any ‹Cats – Trophies› today, in case I dropped one! Mom, we don’t even have a cat! I was just kind of wondering ya know…»

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