The Accident

Kate held her laughter, gathered him close, and whispered in his ear, «When the baby gets here there will be three of us. I know all of Dad’s ticklish spots! We›ll gang up on him and won’t stop tickling until he yells ‹Cats – Trophies,› Okay?»

«Okay mom! Is this our secret?»

«You bet it’s just ours, but you can tell the baby and show it how to tickle.»

The Queen’s Breakfast was served and enjoyed by all. King Dad and the Slave Labor Prince crowned her with kisses on the top of her head and all laughed. They nestled into their lounge chairs and just enjoyed the Queens Day while they let their tummies rest.

Davie had fallen asleep after he announced the Queens Lunch menu that he had planned. Burgers and hot dogs on the grill, Ellie’s potato salad, potato chips, chocolate milk, pickles, and ice cream with left over smooshed strawberries! The King and Queen groaned and agreed. After all, he reminded them, he was a «Prince.»

Luke pulled their loungers closer together and linked their hands on her rounded tummy as they discussed the changes coming in their lives. Davie would be starting school. While thinking of the new baby, they laughed at the remembrance of the night feedings, sleep shorted nights, and his folk’s upcoming visit.

His parents had opted to stay for two or three months to make sure Kate was well before they left. Jonathan had agreed to remain with them for several more months so there would always be someone at home.

Luke had hired a cleaning service to come in three days a week after they lost Nonie. Ellie had taken on more of Davies care when Kate had a deadline to meet.

Things had run smoothly after the shock of losing Nonie had eased. Now it seemed there were no real problems, just adjustments to time as Davie had to be taken to school and picked up. Ellie, Joe, Jonathan, Luke, and his parents, while they were here, would work it out. Kate and the baby were not to be part of the Taxi Group for a while.

They rested in agreement, as they usually did. One reason their marriage had been so successful was their ability and desire to talk. They always shared their thoughts and feelings with each other. They needed the closeness of each other and depended on each other. Both of them were only children and each had longed for a friend, brother, or sister to share with…Even though Luke had Jonathan for those four years, in Kate he had found himself, as she had in him. They Two had truly become One!

After two hours of rest and half dozing, Davie suggested a swim. The pool area was one place they had really splurged on during the remodel. Their Pool House as they called it, had everything! Dressing rooms, a potty and shower, even a stacked washer and dryer. The pool itself was fenced, gated, and surrounded by a covered deck. It had umbrellas, tables, and comfy chairs for snuggling!

They both swam like dolphins and it was their favorite exercise and play-time with Davie. Even during her pregnancy, Kate could enjoy the water. Davie was fast becoming another dolphin.

Uncle J had gotten Davie a paddleboat. They were going to christen it today and give it a special name. The choose-a-name game began and ended up with all in agreement. The Starfish! Davie was going to be a star and swim like a fish!

Luke had fixed a special place to anchor it at the foot of the steps. Davie paddled around and laughed as he churned up the water around them.

Luke and Kate got out after an hour. Davie said he would anchor the Star and follow them to the backyard to fire up the bar-BQ. They were dreading the lunch to come and trying to figure out a way to bypass the chocolate milk and pickle combination while Davie was getting the boat anchored.

Luke put the burgers and dogs on the grill as Kate set the picnic table, brought out the salad, chips, pickles, and chocolate milk. She went around the corner of the house to call Davie, threatening to feed his hot dog to the dog. She looked and did not see him for a moment. Then she saw him and screamed for Luke! Davie was lying at the foot of the steps not moving as blood gushed from his head.

Luke carried him up the stairs and out of the pool. He took one look and said, «Call Jonathan and have him bring the trauma unit, HURRY»! He turned Davie over and pushed, but his life vest had kept his face out of the water. Unfortunately, it had also acted like a rubber ball, bouncing him down the steps with his head up against one of the side pillars.

He felt for a pulse, found it weak and thready, and looked up as Kate was holding a rolled up wet towel to the gash in his head. Her horror-stricken eyes would haunt him forever. Her face was paper white as she began to pray. The sound of the sirens was music to their ears…

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