The Accident

Jonathan jumped out of the unit, took one look and said, «Luke get in the van with me. Ed, you and Liz get Kate and lay her down in the backseat of the car! You drive like hell right behind us. She is in shock and could go into labor, MOVE»! They took off for the hospital, sirens screaming.

When they arrived at the Emergency entrance two teams, ready and waiting, met them. Luke yelled to them, «Put Kate in the Family Executive Suite and tell her I love her. I will get to her as soon as I can!» The teams whisked each one away to their separate place; Davie to Surgery and Kate to the Family Suite.

Her OB GYN was ready and waiting with two nurses who were setting up all the necessary equipment. After the exam, her Doctor, also her friend, said, «Kate my girl, I›m going to give you a mild sedative and some strict orders with my love and prayers. You can move only two things, your eyebrows and your toes.»

Kate looked up at her and replied, «Dr. Ginny I need to know the truth.»

«Kate, you already know The Truth. We will do all that we can and trust God to do the rest.»

In these words, her heart and mind found the Peace she needed for the moment, but she still needed Luke and wanted to know about Davie. Only then could she rest…

Within the hour, Joe and Ellie were there. Joe’s big hand, rough worked, held hers. Ellie was stroking her hair, and saying, «It is going to be all right.» They had taken care of the Bar-BQ, cleaned up everything, secured the house, and came to her as soon as they could. They were family.

Ellie had called Luke’s parents, the Tinkerbelle’s, and she left them to call the rest of the friends and family. She had packed a bag for Kate with all the necessary toiletries for right now. Luke had a locker here and was okay in that department.

After they left, Kate dozed off and awoke to Luke’s arms going around her as he joined her in the big bed of the Executive Suite. He was exhausted in mind and body. He did not say anything for a moment, just held her and drew the quiet strength he needed before he spoke.

Kate waited, realizing his need as it met her own. Their Oneness had carried them through before and would now, as they accepted the Everlasting Arms of God through Christ for this time.

Finally, Luke very softly said, «Both of our children are in God’s hands as are we ourselves, Kate my love. Jonathan, the team, and I have done all we can. Davie is alive, badly injured, and his sweet little face is battered and swollen. I don’t want you to look at him right now. It won’t help him; but it could hurt you and this little one, okay?»

Kate remembered Ginny’s words and she too understand her part. Luke needed her as much as she needed him! Their children needed them both to do their part. She spoke quietly, «Yes, I agree. Ginny has ordered complete bed rest. We will trust in God and each other.»

She settled down safe in his arms and felt his sigh of relief as he kissed the top of her head. He gently laid a big warm hand on her tummy. She laid her hand over his and both of them fell asleep in peace.

While Luke held His Kate and their unborn child, Davie felt two strong, gentle arms cradling him.

He had a strange sensation of rising…

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