The Kingdom of Christ

The solid arms that held Davie felt warm. As that warmth came in to him, it comforted him in a way he did not fully understand. It seemed he had reached his destination and felt himself being laid down on something soft. He thought he heard quiet voices, and from a distance came the music…voices in perfect harmony.

As he listened he began to awake, looked up into a smiling face and the most beautiful dark eyes anyone could imagine. He glanced to the side and saw another tall man who smiled at him. The music became clear and he could hear the words plainly, «Love Lifted Me.» He knew that song. His parents and Nonie had sung it on Blessing Night. He just did not know where he was, with whom, or how he had gotten there!

Davie looked at the one with the beautiful dark eyes, and asked, «Who are you? Do I know you?» The Eyes seemed to smile and he saw a twinkle like his father’s in them! It felt good to a little boy lost in wonder and confusion.

«No, you don’t really know me; you know of me. I am Jesus, and you are in my Kingdom.»

Davie’s heart gave a leap, «Am I dead?»

«No little one,» Jesus replied, «There is nothing dead here.» He pointed to the tall man, «This is my brother Luke, a dear and glorious physician whom you have heard about in your Blessing Nights.»

Davie looked at him more closely, and felt a warmth again as Luke gently laid a tender hand on his poor little battered head. Davie smiled up at him and said, «My Dad is a doctor and he has the same name as you!»

«I know,» said Luke, «I was greatly honored when that name was chosen for him in my memory. He has upheld it! I am pleased as are Jesus and Our Father.»

Davie replied, «They know? Ya mean they know my Dad?»

Jesus gathered him up again in his arms, laughingly held him close, and said, «Yes Davie, I know all of my own, as does Our Father. He is waiting to see you!»

It seemed to Davie as soon as Jesus spoke The Word, another pair of loving arms held him. This time he did not ask, who are you? He knew this was his Heavenly Father, whom had sent Jesus for him and placed him in his Father’s hands. He just snuggled down and let the love of God fill him and heal him. Then he felt all fear leave him as the peace of God and the joy of this moment engraved themselves in his heart, his mind, and his body!


Luke had just returned from talking to The Team and Jonathan who headed it up. They reported that Davie was holding his own! Dr. Ginny was checking on Kate and «Thumper.» Thumper was the nickname they had given the expected little one. The kicks were strong and made everyone laugh as they felt the rapid beat on their hands!

Dr. Ginny hugged Luke and said, «I am pleased to tell you my friend; Kate, Thumper, and I are doing just fine, we are a team too!»

Luke looked down at Kate and said, «I know you are. My Kate is a fighter for the ones she loves. You gals are as wonderful as Jonathan’s team is for Davie. Our family is in the best place they could be!» He truly felt this Grand Old Lady’s arms around him. Along with his Heavenly Father’s and the comforting presence of Christ!

Ginny left and Luke lay down beside his Kate. He filled her in on Davie’s good, quiet, night. As they linked hands, his pager went off…He picked up the bedside phone and heard the voice on the other end. He jumped up, and yelled, «MOM, MOM, where are you?» The loving, laughing, reply was music to his ears and balm to his heart.

«We are at your kitchen table. I am getting ready to stab your father with my fork. We are fighting over the last piece of Ellie’s Pecan pie.»

Luke’s laughter filled Kate’s heart; here was family. Her eyes filled with tears of hope and gratitude at the caring and sharing they brought, so badly needed now!

«Mom, put Dad on the phone and I will distract him while you get the pie. I don’t want to have to stitch him up!»

«Good thinking son, here he is.» His father’s warm Irish brogue came over the phone and his heart lifted again.

«Dad, how did you get here so quick? I didn’t think you were coming for two more weeks.»

«Son, did you get a knock on your head too? My family is my life and my heart. We just cashed in your inheritance and here we are!» Luke laughed as he heard the truth of family! His father continued, «Aunt Steel had the family jet in the air within the hour after she got the news. Your Aunt said, ‹There is no damn sense of us having these expensive toys you boys insist on if we can’t get some use out of them!›»

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