The Kingdom of Christ

«She’s gathering the clan and all of them will be arriving shortly, with her in the lead of course. Thank God we own a hotel! We brought Ellie and Joe’s daughter and her husband with us. They need family too and both can use some help at the house. Now, enough chitchat! How soon can we get to you, Katie girl, and our boy Davie?»

«Dad,» Luke said, «Mom and you can come up right now. I›ll call down to the desk and arrange a family pass. We are on the third floor, Suite 3-A. Boy am I glad you are here. I›ll let Jonathan know so he can be here too»!

«Good son. Now shut up and hang up the phone. We›ll be on our way…Your rotten mother ate all the pie!» Luke heard his mother’s squeal of laughter just before his dad hung up the phone.

Ellie gave Luke’s parents the keys to his car and within the hour, he was being held in a bear hug. As he held and was held he said, «Dad, do you think anyone ever grows up so much they don’t need their Mom and Dad?»

«I hope not son, I hope not.»

Luke looked over his Dad’s shoulder and saw Kate being held in loving arms. Mom kissed her repeatedly on both cheeks and the top of her head. Then they were all laughing, crying, and holding hands at the same time.

They were Mothers together; in heart and soul. Both of their sons now in need! How they understood each other, needed each other, and would give and receive one to the other!

These thoughts came to Luke in a rush as his father went to Kate and his mother came to him. He held her slim body, buried his face in her hair, and just breathed her in. She was small in stature, but so big in heart and soul.

Her strength of character and unshakable faith in a loving Heavenly Father, and all Jesus Christ had paid for and perfected for His Family on the cross, had held them together as a family more times than he can could count.

He raised his head up as he heard Kate giggle. His father was singing some silly Irish song to her, kissing a cheek, a hand, nibbling his way up her arm. Then he whispered something in her ear…Her giggles made a warmth come over him just as he heard a soft knock on the door and Jonathan stepped in. J too was caught up in loving arms just as he and Kate were. For a moment the world was all right again, love prevailed, and held them all together. A family held in Faith, Hope, Love, and each other’s arms!

Then his father asked what had happened? If they could have seen and heard into the Spirit world, they would have heard another Father asking a small, beloved son, «What happened? Do you remember what caused your accident and injury?»


Davie began to recall the Queen for a Day saga. He recited everything to God, even the lunch menu. When he came to the pickles and chocolate milk, his Heavenly Father smiled and said, «Two of my best creations. They were Jesus› favorites as a little boy too!»

Davie snuggled in a little closer and continued his story. «I got out of the pool after I anchored the Starfish. I was kinda cold so I got a towel and wrapped it around me. It was one of them big ones Dad bought cuz of Mom’s tummy. When I leaned out to pull the gate shut and lock it, I guess I tripped and fell. That’s all I ‹member ‹till I woke up here…»

«Do you know why you are here my little one?»

«No, I don›t. Jesus said I wasn’t dead and he can’t lie, so You can tell me. Do my parents know I›m here? I can’t even leave the yard without asking ‹em and I sure don’t ‹member asking if I could come up here!»

His Father said, «Davie, you were badly hurt when you fell. Your parents know My Son and Me. They obeyed the words I gave to them through Jesus, and have done and will continue to do, all they can. They›re well versed in the Scriptures and know they are co-laborers with Me. Because they have glorified and honored My Son, We will honor them! Yes, your Mom and Dad do know where you are. In faith and hope they sent you here. The fullness of it they do not know yet, but they will!»

Davie relaxed and said, «Boy it sure is pretty up here.»

He looked around in wonder as his Father said, «This is Jesus› Kingdom. He will take you on a tour to meet some of your brothers and sisters.»

«I don’t have any brothers and sisters ya know, our ‹Thumper isn’t born yet.»

His Father just smiled and said, «Here is your big brother Jesus, you will be taught of the Lord. He will bring you back to Me before We send you home to your parents.» God kissed his sweet face as Jesus came into view.

Jesus held out his hand for him and Davie saw the nail prints. He said, «You›ve got an ‹ow-ee›! My Mom kisses my ‹ow-ees› and makes ‹em all better, even my Dad does. I›ll kiss yours and they›ll be all better too!»

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