The Kingdom of Christ

Jesus smiled and said, «Thank you little one that is the language of love. Spoken from the heart and acted upon.»

«Okay Jesus» Davey replied, «I don’t know what that word Lang-something means, but I like my Mom and Dad’s kisses and hugs! I know I›m loved!»

«Oh Davie,» he laughed, «It shows I love you. You don’t just say it you do it. That’s why Our Father sent me; not to just talk about Our Love, but to show how much We love you!»

«You mean ya came to us to kiss our hurts away? Not to just tell us it’s all better now, but to do it and make it all better now?»

«Yes Davie, in a way that’s true. You will learn more as we meet others and you grow into the man you›re going to be. Who do you want to meet first on our tour»?

«Well, you know my Dad, he’s really smart and he says, ‹Begin at the beginning.› So I wanna meet John the Bath-tist first. No one knew who You were till he told us. I know ‹cuz my Dad read it to me! My Mom and Dad did the ‹Pent thing and got bath-tized too. I›m just de ‹cated or sump ‹in like that, but it means I›m yours ya know!»

Davie grinned up at Jesus who looked down at that little grin and thought within himself, «Yes little one you are…If you had been the only one I would›ve come and died just for you.»

They walked along, Davie’s small hand held in Jesus›. A tall rangy man with long hair and dark eyes silently joined him, and took his other hand. Davie looked up somewhat startled, as he had not seen John the Bath-tist approach. He heard a voice, deep yet soft, and felt special warmth in that hand holding his. He looked up at John and heard him say…

«Thank you little brother for honoring me. It means so very much that you and your parents remember! Our Father sent me to you, just as your father sent you here to us for a little while. I am sure enjoying you and our time together here. I am honored to be your #1 Choice after Our Father and our Lord Jesus!»

«Boy John! Ya got to show Jesus to the whole world! God said you were right, they heard Him say just what you said. Jesus said you were a great prof…uh, ya know, a guy who came in the right way. You told them to do the ‹Pent thing and get bath-tized, even Jesus! Then you bath-tized him and together ya showed us the way of right-uh-ness. God called Jesus his Son after you bath-tized him. That was waaaay cool!»

«I cried when that mean old woman had your head cut off. My dad said her daughter; ya know the one that danced, was bad too. Her Mom told her to do it. She was an Arlot or sump ‹in I don’t know about. It was really bad…My Dad won’t tell me ’bout that ’til I›m older!»

As he caught his breath John bent down, picked him up in his arms, and said, «Yes Davie, but remember our brother Jesus came to save them too. He still prays for them and so do I. I want you to do that too! They are the ones Jesus came to save. Now He is working through you and all who believe to save them. We need you to help carry on God’s work!»

«Well okay John, I will; but if I do that, will ya come with me when I get bath-tized? Then I›ll get to hear God say I›m His son too! That’s really what bath-tizing is all about. Makin› us His!

«Yes I will Davie I›m always there in spirit. The gifts and calling of God are eternal and without repentance. You will know I AM there. You will hear God too, through the Baptism of Repentance.»

«I guess it’s okay John, I don’t know all those words…But I do know when I have a son I›m going to call him John Luke, for you and my Dad; ‹cuz you came first ‹n told everyone who Jesus was! My Dad told me and I›ll tell my son too»!

As John looked at that determined little face he too thought within himself; Christ’s faith and his part in it had been re-created in this little boy. His heart rejoiced anew at God’s great love and His simple plan of redemption and salvation.

John gently returned him to Jesus› waiting arms and their eyes met, both shining with the true Love of God in them. On earth they were cousins, here they were brothers with One heart, One Blood, One Mind, and One Father…One Love! Together they held in their arms The Fruit of their Labor of Love!

Jesus gathered him back into his arms and Davie felt it was time for them to return to their Father. As Jesus laid him lovingly in His Father’s waiting arms, Davie knew it was time for rest and refreshing.

Everyone needs that alone time with their Father in His Secret Kingdom – Separate and special for each of God’s Children. Enjoyed and taught by Jesus himself. For He would one day turn the Kingdom over to His Father and be what he was born to be, the Son and Word of God. Then His Father would be all, in all.

Since He had the advantage of seeing and hearing, He tuned in, and sat back to enjoy the show He knew was coming.

How He looked forward to these special times of seeing his Kingdom on Earth in action! He enjoyed watching the players surprise as they learned The Way. Fun, laughter, and joy were woven into the fabric of Life as well. They too were part of Love. He was going to share the health and healing of laughter with Luke in a moment of time!

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