Tinker› Time

Luke and his Dad were happily going over Davie’s continued good reports. His vitals were good. His fever was down and his little battered face was beginning to look like himself again! It had been two weeks now and their hopes were high. They had opted for diapers and removed his oxygen tube. He was breathing well on his own.

According to Luke’s own rules, Jonathan was the lead doctor on the team. Being a family member’s Doctor was too great a risk! Emotions could get in the way of knowledge, so like it or not he was second in command. No one loved Davie more than J, except his parents and grandparents.

There was a timid knock on the door. Luke’s Dad opened it and one of the Pink Ladies stood there pushing a huge cart full of plants and flowers. «Dr. G,» she said, «We have a problem. There’s no more space to set another bouquet or plant. The 3rd floor looks like a flower shop. I have put them in every room like you said, but there…»

His Dad’s voice stopped her, «Take them down to the cafeteria. Maybe then we can get a decent cup of coffee when we can’t sleep around here at night and don’t want to disturb Kate.»

The Executive Suite had a large queen bed, a single bed, a couch that made into a bed. Two big easy chairs, a game table with four more chairs, and a fully equipped kitchenette with a divider between the sleeping area and the living area. One old doctor had sponsored four such suites. He said sick kids needed people who loved them, their families – Moms and Dads – Not strangers. He claimed that family was just as important as the doctors and nurses. Luke and Kate had agreed and sponsored four more suites in the new wing.

They thanked God every day! It was one of their offerings to His kingdom on earth. So was the Family Motel for moms and dads with sick children. The rooms were free to those who could not pay, and boasted a kitchen where they could fix a meal, a laundry room, and a free continental breakfast every morning! Free-will offerings were accepted; but never asked for. Surprisingly it held its own most of the time.

It was a well-kept secret as was Luke’s connection to the Hospitality House five blocks from Mercy General. His folks had chosen to stay there rather than make the drive to and from the house. Ellie and Joe came every other day and The Clan had descended in full force. After a few days, Luke and his Dad had urged them to go home. They would keep in touch daily with Aunt Steel and she would keep everyone updated.

Now that Kate’s pains were under control and the spotting had stopped, Dr. Ginny felt they could allow company. Up to this time it had been pretty much family or just a two-minute «Hi, how are you, goodbye!»

This time the knock on the door was not timid. The door swung open and if Luke had been surprised at his folk’s quick arrival, it was nothing compared to this! Tinkerbelle #1 and another Tinker, he thought was Margie, came barreling in and pointed their fingers at them!

«Out! Go do what men do. See who can spit the farthest or go play in the pool. No peeing though, just get out. This is Tinker Time!»

Luke looked over at Kate as he headed for the door and saw her face glowing with joy. He took his Dad’s arm and they found themselves out in the hall looking at each other. His Dad was livid! «Who in tarnation were those two and why are we out here without even putting up a fight? That one who said ‹No peeing› was looking right at ME»!

Luke lost it, and let the laughter come. It just rolled and felt so good, almost a cleansing. His father said, «Have you lost your mind Luke? What’s so doggone funny?»

Luke gasped for breath and motioned for his Dad to follow as he headed for the elevator that would take them to the pool. He had insisted on a pool when the plans were drawn up for the New Wing. He had a locker there and knew he could find some trunks for his dad.

He threw an arm around his Dad’s shoulders and said, «Those are Kate’s Sisters so to speak. In fact, it was through them I found My Kate! There is a group of them that volunteer to entertain the kids.»

«I›m surprised any of them survive,» his dad snorted.

When Luke dived in, he realized how much he needed this free time. He just rolled, floated, and let the water comfort him and wash away his cares. «No wonder God chose water to be born of,» he thought. His body relaxed for the first time since Davie’s accident as tight muscles let go and a new energy seemed to come. There was a rest was within it. He looked over and saw his Dad grinning too…

«No peeing, son!»

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