Tinker› Time

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the Tinkerbelle’s came. There were six of the original twelve still left in the city. They had divided the week. Two Tinkers came at a time so not one of them was overburdened. The Tinkers pampered Kate beyond belief! Shampoos, manicures, pedicures, back rubs, and hair brushed until it shone. They played cards, told jokes, and had rigged up a gurney to get her halfway into the shower. They stripped themselves down and washed her hair and top half, then turned the gurney around, washed her feet and bottom half.

Luke’s Mom had joined in the fun and was confiding about it to his Dad when J and Luke said to him, «I suppose you want to peek?»

Luke’s Dad looked at them in disgust and replied, «What kind of saps have I raised? Heck no, I don’t want a peek, I want to join them!»

«Tinker Time» was from Noon until 3pm. It was a time of Love, Laughter, and Prayer. Kate felt the time was almost as good for Luke as it was for her. Luke agreed, especially as he saw her recovering from the shock. Thumper was still safe in her tummy and every day they all were One Day stronger…

When Luke’s dad found out the Tinkers were carpooling and had kids to pick up after they left the hospital; he quietly ordered the Hotel’s limousine service to pick them up at home. The Limo took the Tinkers to the Hospitality House for a complimentary lunch and then whisked them to the Hospital and Kate!

Once they arrived, The Men – Luke, his Dad, and Jonathan (if available) walked to their hotel for a leisurely swim and meal. They praised God for the fresh air and the excellent food of their own establishment. The exercise of body and this family quiet time calmed their spirits. They cherished this private Guy Time!

Then at 3pm, the «Witching Hour,» as Luke’s Dad had laughingly called it, the Tinkers› were picked up in Style and driven to their respective children’s schools and escorted home. The children were the envy of their friends and enjoyed these Cinderella moments to the hilt! The Limo driver played his Prince Charming part as well.

The Tinker’s love and care lifted everyone’s spirits and showed how God’s message of «Love One Another» could be not just a word, but an action as well.

The results spoke to One and All!!!

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