A Knuckle Sandwich?

Davie felt the Everlasting Arms around him again. He looked up and said, «Ya know God, I feel like these guys really are my brothers. They call me little brother and it’s okay. I know my Mom and Dad won’t be mad either. Are ya sure, they know I›m here?»

«Yes Davie. Their faith and hope remains strong. They do not understand it all; but they believe My Word and Hope in Me, that is what counts! Anyone can believe what they see. That is not faith. Faith believes what it cannot see and comes by hearing Me. My Words are alive and powerful in Heaven and on Earth. When you believe and speak My Word, I hear it here and send the Angels to work there!»

«Well I guess ya know God, cuz I sure don›t. I guess I›m here cuz my Mom ‹n Dad know, huh?»

«That’s right Davie. You are here because they believe what Jesus and I said. They also believe Peter, Paul, and all the others We sent. Down there it looks to them as if you›re in a coma, up here it’s called a Deep Sleep.»

Davie sat upright and yelled, «Oh no. NOOOOO!!! I can’t be – When you put Adam in a deep sleep, he woke up with a wife! I can’t have a wife, I›m just a kid. I›m just gonna to start school. I don’t have a job. And I gotta help Mom with the new baby. I got stuff to do at school too you know. T-ball and Soccer! God, Ya gotta get Jesus to do another miracle. I don’t even like girls, how can I have a wife? Please God, tell Jesus to stop this!»

As the heavens rang with laughter Jesus appeared…

Davie said, «Jesus, I believe!» He ran to Him throwing his arms up in the air and repeating, «I›m just a kid! I don’t wanna wife!»

Jesus picked him up and said, «That is what counts little brother. Don’t worry; you will not wake up with a wife! Your faith has saved you, for you placed it in Me, not just in the Scriptures – Which point to Me.»

«Oh thank you thank you,» Davey said, and put his arms around Jesus› neck and kissed him. Jesus kissed the top of his now healed head and put him into his Father’s hands.

«Thank you Father. Thank You for sending Jesus to us. He ever lives to help us. We›re saved by His life; He lives to help us NOW and FOREVER!»

God smiled down at him. «Davie, you seem to know a lot of the Scriptures for being just a kid. Do you go to church?»

Davie looked back up at God in wonder. «Do ya mean those buildings where Ya said Ya wouldn’t be? Gosh no! My Mom and Dad read to me. I don’t get it sometimes but Jesus said You and He would come to our house. My Dad says the church is in our hearts and our house, cuz You›re both in us and with us! We got The Book and my Dad aint no dummy. He’s not gonna give his money to some guy to read it to him. He can read for himself! So can my Mom! Pretty soon I can read it for myself too!»

«I ‹member some things – The Book says You›ll teach us. That’s why my Dad says it was written, so everyone could see for themselves. So in a way I think see›n is part of it too, Ya know. But, I guess someone had to hear You and Jesus say it before they could write it, huh! I dunno a lot, but I sure know You›re real and I›m in Jesus› Kingdom cuz He said so. All those guys in the book are here too! And they›re alive! Boy, are Your Words ever The Truth! Jesus told us and so did Peter and Paul and John and a bunch more! The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars all speak too – Every day and every night!»

As Davie slowed down and caught his breath, he felt those gentle arms gather him closer. The voice spoke in his ear softly, «Thank you My little one, thank you. Out of your heart comes truth too!»

Davie looked up and said, «Gee, you›re welcome. I didn’t do anything ya know…Maybe I believed my Mom and Dad more than I believed You and Jesus. Ya know God.»

God just smiled! For that was The Way of the Kingdom; Church in The Home, Parents teaching their children as He taught the parents.

As Davie felt closer to Him, he said, «God, can I ask ya a question?»

«Yes Davie, what is it?»

«Who is that guy down there who pretends to be You? You know him, his friends dress up funny too! Don’t ya have cable TV up here?»

«Yes Davie, it’s a little different from yours. We call it W.W.V. – World Wide Vision. We can see and hear everyone. We see everything they do and hear everything they say! We even have special Angels that watch over you, to keep you in all your ways. They record all your words, actions and good deeds! If you make a mistake, just do the ‹Pent thing, come and tell Jesus, and your mistake will be taken out of the record. You will be washed clean. Just like your Mom and Dad keep washing you. You have bath times and time to wash your hands; before you eat or when you pet your puppy. They do it to keep the outside of you clean. We do it to keep the inside of you clean. This way you are clean all The Way through! It is Christ’s way and My way of taking care of you!»

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