A Knuckle Sandwich?

«Yep,» Davie replied. «I know now that You are just like my Dad and I can talk to You just like I talk to him – Wow – It’s really neat to have two Dads helping me to learn and grow. And even to have fun with! I feel so loved by both of you…I›ve got to thank Jesus for fixing it for all of us!»

«Now, to your question about that Guy who pretends to be Me. You know he isn›t. I AM invisible to most; that is where faith comes in. Faith simply believes ME. All that is Written was spoken by Me and written down by them for you! While My Words are spirit and life, they are also Loving Guidelines to make sure you get home to Me.»

«Even those that saw Jesus did not believe what he said, did they? So Our new Way is to believe, then you will see and I will teach you. This way it’s special, a secret between us, just like it is between you and your Mom or Dad. Never doubt My Love for you or My Care. Jesus knew the desire of My heart was for My children to be returned to Me. He died for that cause. Now He lives to ensure it is ongoing through Faith that is in Him.»

«You remember when your Dad had to do the ‹Pent thing? Some will not do that, nor will they obey the Way Jesus and I set up to save them. John the Baptist told them and showed them. Even Jesus himself was Baptized…He showed them Our Way back home! Those who did not like or accept Our Way, set up a different way of their own.

Jesus said He gave them space to do the ‹Pent thing, but they would not. Therefore, He wrote what would happen to them. It is just as true as your being here because your Mom and Dad did and do believe. I hope others will take this to heart. Then they too will see what Jesus said. My Words are Life – The hearing, believing, and speaking will bring the seeing!»

Davie slowly nodded his head and said, «Its true then about the Devil and his kids isn’t it? That Guy down there pretending to be You and teaching others is one of the Devil’s kids sitting on a pretend throne of his father. While all the time all he really wants is to hurt ‹em and take ‹em where You don’t want ‹em to go; the Old Bad Way!»

«Jiminy Crickets God, how can they be so dumb? They watch those guys die! They can see ‹em too. They know You can’t die, or be seen! Who do they think is lying to ‹em God? Can we get Timmy outta there? I want him to know You and Jesus; The Way You planned.»

«We›ll do it Davie. Together we will; for we are Partners together now through Jesus› love and shed blood! We›ll also do it for our love and Christ’s glory, okay? We are co-laborers and you can be an Ambassador for Christ! That makes us Partners, Okay?»

«Okay God. You›re fun and I like being Your Partner! I›m glad that Jesus is home here with You and they can’t hurt him anymore.»

«Yes they can, Davie! When someone hurts one of Ours, We feel it and We hurt too! We still cry for them as Jesus cried for Jerusalem. Now the whole World is His and We love others just as much. We don’t want any to be lost. We want them Home again with Us, to enjoy all We have prepared for them.»

«My Dad, my Mom and I will help! We really will! I know how much they love and believe You, and Jesus too.»

«O› boy God, when I get back down there I›m gonna have my Dad write a book about all this stuff. Not as good as Your Book I know; but one thing I do know, I know You and Jesus who You sent! It’s gonna be just like You said…I›m gonna be a ‹Bass-a-door cuz I know Jesus IS THE DOOR! We›re together, You and me God. We›re gonna show ‹em what’s The Way to The Door! Ya know King David? That was Jesus other Dad – on Earth – Just like me, he had two Dads!»

«Wow! You make sure we›re OK in both places don’t Ya? Anyway, King David said he›d like to be a Door Keeper; but, I wanna be a Door Opener. ‹Member, Jesus said, ‹Knock and it will be opened›!»

«So Dad, let’s play a fun game that reaches from Earth to Heaven! It’s called Knock Knock. Ya know how to play that game, don’t Ya?

«I›ll bring others with me to The Door, and say ‹Knock Knock›.

Then You say «Whose there?»

And I›ll say «Bass-a!»

Then, You say «Bass-a who?»

And I›ll say, «Bass-a-door and I brought a friend!»

Then cuz we›re Partners You›ll open The Door for me and my friend. The fun part is its Jesus! It’s not a door of wood or glass, but Jesus. Okay?»

«Okay Davie! What a game we›ll play! Yes, yes, I›M game.»

And so they sealed it with the Spirit of Promise; Jesus Christ Himself! The Door! In Whom all the Promises of God reside! Not a door made by man that leads into an empty building; but, the Door to Heaven itself…The One made without hands which was prepared for us before the foundation of the world. Where Christ sits on The Throne, alive forever more and ever living to make intercession for us!

Davie kept this Game in his heart and mind. He thanked Jesus for being a part of his Game with their Father. They were just so much fun! They let him be the Knocker – Cuz it was his Game!!!

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