The Chief of Sinners

…Suddenly, Jesus was there!

He had come to take Davie to meet Paul at his request.

Davey grabbed Jesus› hand and proudly announced he was a partner with «Their Father.»

Jesus smiled and said, «Yes you are and I›m so glad. You will be an Ambassador for me too»!

«Wow, Jesus, I›m sure glad I got to come up here and meet you and everybody…’specially ‹Our Father›, and Paul; who you sent to the Gent-les. But I don’t know what a ‹Bassadoor is»!

The words were no sooner out of his mouth then a man appeared in front of him. He was not as tall as the others were, but there was a power he could feel coming from him. He stopped, looked up at Jesus, and saw such a love pass between them, it reached him as well, and for a moment, he was «One» with them!

While he wondered, Paul took his hand and a warmth came into him. Suddenly he and Paul were alone; Jesus had left them! He was scared for a moment until Paul spoke.

Paul knelt down in front of him and just held him for a moment. Then he heard a strong yet gentle voice say, «I did not run in vain, and neither will you ‹Little One.›»

Davey did not know what he meant, and was afraid to ask so we just waited. Slowly his own arms came up and around Paul, as he embraced him he felt the warmth again…»Yes Davie, I was sent to the ‹Gent-les› and to you»!

All of a sudden, it came to him; he looked at Paul and laughed very softly. «You got in a fight with Peter didn’t you, you and a guy named Barn—something, didn’t you? You helped when they threw rocks at Stephen and killed him, I know ’cause my Dad read it to me! How come you didn’t have God or Jesus take that out of ‹The Book›»?

Paul looked at this little boy who knew his sin and laughed with him! He sat down and pulled Davie down beside him, put his arm around him and drew him close to his side.

«I am what Jesus came to do,» replied Paul.

«Huh, what do you mean»?

«Well Davie, he came to find and save sinners, and I was chief! If he can save me, and change me into a new person, don’t you think he can and will do that for everybody»?

«Golly, I never thought ’bout that…»

«I know,» Paul said, «But from now on you will remember this…Don’t ever give up on your prayers or your faith in God’s love towards everyone, through and by Christ Jesus and all he sent to help the world.»

«I mean everyone, Davie; not just the good, but the sick in heart, mind, body, and actions. Saving their bodies was only part of it. The mind must also be renewed to keep the body well!»

«The Spirit of our Father and Christ is in us to guide, teach, heal, and comfort us…and not just us; but all those around us.»

«Yeah, but you got bit by a snake, beat up, and they threw rocks at you too. Your ship wrecked and you almost got drowned! Most people sure don’t want all that ‹Stuff› to happen to them, ya know»!

«Yes I do know; but, if you believe God – that’s Hope, and Christ – that’s Faith, then God will deliver you from all that ‹Stuff› and it will stop. I did, and was, and wrote about it for you! If you don’t trust in God and believe what Jesus said, then that ‹Stuff will happen to you forever! That’s why it was written, to show you ‹The Way.›»

«Jesus suffered at the Father’s hand for the world. I suffered for the Church; that ‹Stuff›, as you call it, came from the Devil, not Our Father. The Devil was trying to get me to doubt what God; through our brother Jesus, told us.»

«Although my sins are written down for everyone to see, so is ‹My Victory› over them! Our Father promises us; as it is written, so it is. All my sins are gone and I AM washed in the blood of Jesus. My victory is here and remains for ever»!

«So you can see I AM what Jesus came to do. He came to find me, forgive me, and get me home – and here I AM! I want you to remember; Davie, the ‹Stuff› that happens to us makes us more dependent on Our Father, not ourselves.»

«I love you little brother and you are greatly blessed because now you KNOW, and can help others KNOW too»!

Paul kissed Davie’s little hands, laid his hands on his head, and was gone…just as Jesus appeared.

«Wow Jesus, I really like him, but he’s kinda scary…a good scary»!

Jesus laughed, «Yes, he was and is a great teacher through his writing in ‹The Book.› Our Father chose him; I taught and sent him. He never doubted Me… Remember ALL he said to you and ALL he’s written to the world»!

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