Working the Crowd

They walked along together hand-in-hand back to «The Father of Peace.» Rest and refreshing came to them by the sound of singing, even the air felt soft and sweet; the flowers were blooming and the soft grass under their feet felt like a carpet!

Jesus› large, nail pierced hand, tousled his soft black curls that covered the ugly wounds complete and total healing. They came to a stand of trees in vibrant bloom, some even with fruit ready to pick and eat. Davie saw a large, robust man pick two. As they walked closer, he came alongside of them and handed Davie one!

«I›m Andrew, little brother…My heart tells me you want to visit with me before you go home.»

Davie looked at Jesus, eyes wide with wonder. Jesus gently placed Davie’s hand in Andrew’s, smiled, and said, «Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.»

«But I didn’t speak, Jesus. I know I didn›t»!

«I know,» Jesus replied; «The desire of your heart did…So here’s Andrew.»

«Jiminy Crickets Jesus, that’s spooky.»

«No Davie, that’s Spirit! One heart, one mind, they speak a language of their own. It’s a special gift, you›ll learn more about it later,» Jesus said, and left him with Andrew.

«So little one,» Andrew said as he bit into his fruit and motioned Davie to do likewise. The taste was sweet and different from anything he ever had before. He could not really say what it was; but it was good!

He looked up at this big man and grinned, with juice running down his chin – «Mmmmmm»!

Andrew drew a snow-white handkerchief from out of nowhere, gave it to him, and grinned back!

«So you feel bad for me, do you»?

Davie was so stunned he could not speak for a minute…»Uh, well, you know.»

«Yes, I do know and I›m honored to be loved and cared about by you Davie. Let’s just sit here and you can tell me all about it.»

They sat in a comfortable silence and finished their fruit. Davie was amazed when the cores just disappeared into thin air – Nothing fell to the ground – Everything remained clean and pure.

Andrew did not seem to notice, and then he spoke «Up here it remains that way Davie. Those cores will be re-cycled to bring forth more fruit! Unseen to your eyes right now, but the unseen goes on around us all of the time…»

Davie had to believe, he had seen «The Unseen.»

«Wow Andrew, that’s pretty neat»!

The big man hugged him and replied, «So are you, my little brother, so are you! Now, tell me your reason for wanting to visit with me.»

«Well, ya know, you were the one who took Peter to Jesus.»

«Yes I was, and that was the basis and gift of my ministry.»

«What do you mean? Peter, James, and that other guy got to go up on a mountain! They got to see the ‹Shiny› Jesus and two other guys, then God spoke out of a cloud. They saw a lot of special stuff and you didn’t get to go or see any of that? Then they went to someone’s house where a little girl was dead and they brought her back to life…»

«Why didn’t they take turns ya know, that’s the way my Dad says is fair. When my friend Timmy comes over to play, I have to take turns on my new bike and stuff like that – That’s sharing and fair»!

«Do you share Davie»?

«You bet I do, my Mom and Dad wouldn’t like it if I didn›t…»

«That’s good Davie; but there are some things we can’t share, do you know that»?

«No, I don›t»!

«Your Dad’s a doctor isn’t he Davie»?

«Yeah, you already know that, he’s the best too»!

«Doesn’t he work in a big hospital, with a lot of other people»?

«Well sure he does.»

«So Davie, do you think he should share his Patients with the cleaning people or one of the people who work in the cafeteria? Do you think they could use his talents if they took turns»?

«Jeepers NO, they wouldn’t know what to do! They could kill somebody if they tried to operate on ‹em…What’s that got to do with anything»?

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