Working the Crowd

«Why lots Davie! When Jesus chose us, He knew what we could do. Our gifts all came from God and Jesus knew what they were! I loved what I was honored and chosen to do – Bring people to Jesus! There’s nothing dearer to my heart than that…I loved the people, especially those who followed after Him.»

«Do you remember the little boy who gave me his lunch to give to Jesus – We fed 5000 people! Jesus cared for their physical hunger as well as their spiritual hunger. God was there in Jesus to meet all of their needs, through Him!

In that day, people saw God and His Son in action together, and I was a part of it! I got to share in that, and in a way, it’s written more in my heart than in ‹The Book.› Peter saw the little girl raised from the dead and returned to her parents – God and Jesus were in that together too»!

«In the evenings we›d sit and talk together and rejoice that we all had a part to play in God’s wonderful plan. God does not favor one above the other; he needs us all to do what ever he has chosen us to do! All are necessary to make His plan come together for the perfecting of the Body of Christ»!

As these words came to Davie’s ears and sank down into his heart, he felt so much shame he thought he could not stand it and began to cry…

He felt gentle arms gather him up and rocked him as if he were a baby again – being rocked in a rocking chair. As he wept, he realized he had doubted God and Jesus›, the Two who loved him more than Jesus› own life!

Jesus had given his own life for him, and had never faltered at the price of the agony of «The Cross,» nor had his Heavenly Father! As he wept in Andrew’s arms, he heard soft words of Love, forgiveness, and understanding – A healing of spirit, body, and soul. He felt more than saw the presence of all his brothers and sisters. Now he knew he belonged to this «Family» too!

In a quiet confidence, this knowledge entered his heart, an eternal seed of truth that would grow with him on the Earth, and would again bring him Home. The very thought that man’s knowledge was above God’s, was forever erased from his heart and mind!

Now, as Jesus appeared to return him to his Heavenly Father, Davie said, «Jesus, I did the ‹Pent Thing,› will you tell Our Father, ’cause I›m really sleepy.»

As Davie slept, his earthly father could not…

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