Time to go Home

They had moved Davie out of the ICU into a private room with nursing care around-the-clock. «The Team» checked on him regularly as did Luke himself. Jonathan had come up with a helmet like covering for his head wound – It eliminated bandages and tape, was soft and comfortable. «J’s» genius never failed to impress anyone. Luke’s pride in him was an open secret…

As he decided to get up and go check on Davie, he slipped out of bed, kissed Kate and whispered, «I am going to check on Davie again.»

She muttered, «Mmm, ‹k.»

He turned into Davies hall and saw his nurse getting off the elevator with her lunch sack in hand. Before he could get a word out she held up her other hand, palm out, then put one finger to her lips, pointed to Davies door and smiled? He took a few steps closer to the door and stopped, stunned! Someone was singing, such as song as he had never heard, and what a voice! He listened closer but could not make out the words. Suddenly it came to him, somebody was «Singing in the Spirit».

He motioned to the nurse, «Nancy» her tag read, to walk a little ways away with him. «How long has this been going on», he asked?

«Ever since you moved Davie here from the ICU», she replied. «Don’t you remember this is a double room with connecting bath, shower, and whirlpool tub? I guard the door while he puts Davie in the ‹Whirlpool› and gets in with him for an exercise session of 10 to 15 minutes. Then he rubs him down, rocks him, and sings. The he tucks him in bed and slips out one door or the other.»

How he kept from breaking down and crying like a baby he never knew. It meant so much to him…Beyond any words of expression! He went outside to the balcony and a canopy of bright stars. As he looked up; like before, an understanding came to him, and held him in awe and revelation…»For His Names Sake.»

Jesus was God’s Namesake, He was Jesus Namesake, and Davie was Jonathan’s Namesake as well!

Nancy had told him «The Chapel» always had someone in there praying. No one left when their shift was over without going there first, not just «Their Wing» but all of Mercy General’s staff and even some of the patients who were ambulatory. This knowledge humbled Luke to his knees…

He walked back and joined Kate, pulled her close, and felt «Thumper» give a «Hello» kick. Then he too, like Davie, slept. Davie had done the «‹Pent» thing, Luke had done the «Praise and Thanksgiving» thing!

Davie awoke to a renewed sense of peace as Jesus said, «Let’s take a walk.» He kissed his Father and joined Jesus. They walked hand-in-hand quietly enjoying this time together. Words weren’t necessary as Davie looked in renewed awe at a part of Jesus› Kingdom he had not seen before.

Beauty spread before him in streams of water, dancing and sparkling. He thought they almost sang. Flowers in an abundant profusion as no one could imagine, green leafy trees, full of beautifully colored birds singing. Grass like velvet, and from a distance always soft music of praise.

They came to a green, grassy little knoll, climbed the gentle slope, and sat down under a canopy of flowering branches. Jesus took him in his lap, turned him around, laid his cheek on the top of his head for a minute, and just inhaled his sweet, innocent, aroma – How He loved the «Children» – Had fought and died for them!

Now He lived for them – Ever Lived to make intercession for them! New born or past the century mark they were His Children. His Father had given them to Him simply because He had asked… and this little guy, with his questions, sense of awe, and acceptance without doubt, was a joy to his heart. He would miss him, but still watch over him!

Jesus gently told him, «Davie, you are going home soon. Is there anything else you want to see before you go»?

Davie’s heart took a minute to realize the meaning of this. «Oh Jesus, I›ll miss you» was all he could think…

«Davie,» Jesus replied to his unspoken question, «Your Father and I are going with you and will always be with you, just in a different way, in a different form! Do you remember the fruit core? You saw the ‹Unseen›. So it will be like that, I›ll never leave you nor forsake you, nor will your Father. He too is in you just as I AM»!

«Well I really don’t know about all that stuff Jesus.»

«I know you don’t right now; but you believe Me and as you grow you will learn and know more. Our Father and I will teach you every day! Okay»?

As Davie thought about it he decided it was okay because Jesus said it would be. Never again would he doubt «The Way» or «The Plan». He had learned that lesson while he was with Andrew – The ‹Pent thing was too painful to go through again. So he said, «Okay Jesus.»

Jesus held him close and said, «Thank you my little one! What would you like to see now»?

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