Time to go Home

«Well, I guess I›d like to see your horse. The one you›ll ride when you lead all ‹The Angels› to the battle, the big fight thing»!

No sooner had the words left his mouth then three white horses appeared, walking slowing and majestically toward them! Davie’s eyes grew big and he held his breath as they came closer. A tall handsome man had his arm around the neck of the first one and they all walked in perfect step together. They stopped right in front of him. He looked at the man and felt a funny feeling in his heart, almost like he was hearing with his heart, that language Jesus had talked about…

The man knelt down and the horse put his big head over the man’s shoulder and then backed up two steps. Jesus gently guided Davie closer and the feeling got stronger! The man opened his arms in a wide embrace and something made Davie step into those arms. He felt his own arms go around the man’s neck as he waited in a breathless silence. He felt a gentle hand lifted his chin and he looked into a pair of green eyes. They were identical to his own and his mother’s!

«I am your Grandfather David, your Mom’s Dad»!

«I kinda› know you», Davie replied. «I›ve seen lots of pictures of you and my name is the same as yours and my uncle Jonathan’s; but, they just call me ‹Davie›».

«You›re the one I picked out and sent down to your parents. You are picture-perfect», his Grandfather said, as he laughed and held him up in the air! Then he held him tight against his broad chest, ruffled his hair, and set him back down. Still holding his hand he walked Davie over to another man who smiled down at him and reached out a hand towards him.

Davie took it in his own small one, looked over to his right, and was surprised to see a very pretty lady with another horse. All they had to do was lay a hand; there were no bridles or lead ropes, just a touch! Davie stared in awe and admiration! Jesus came nearer and he smiled too.

The pretty lady said, «Could I give you a hug too? You are very special to someone I love with all my heart»!

Davie looked to Jesus for permission and he nodded a ‹yes›.

He let go of his Grandfather and the other man then walked slowly to the pretty lady. She too knelt down, held him in an embrace, kissed him, and said, «Thank you for the love you bring to Jonathan, Davie. He is a very special little boy and you›re the one who will bring him back to us»!

Davie just looked at her, his eyes wide with wonder at the words she said, then turned and looked up at Jesus for help – he did not understand.

Then the other man spoke softly, and yet there was humor in his voice, «Tell him to ‹Get off the Pity Pot›. We want some kids to brag about too»!

Davie laughed and said, «That’s funny, what’s a ‹Pity Pot›»?

«He›ll know», said the pretty lady, and then they were gone – His Grandfather, Jesus, and the three white horses remained…

Davie looked at the horses and asked, «Jesus, do they have names»?

«Sure they do», Jesus said. He held out his hand and the one by his Grandfather walked proudly over to them. «This is My horse. His name is ‹Wind Star› because he goes like the wind and is as bright as the ‹Morning Star›».

«Can I pet him»?

«Sure you can, he likes My Children.»

Davie reached out a hand to pet him and the softness of his touch surprised him. He was soft and yet he felt the harnessed power in that mighty body! Big brown eyes looked at him and Davie had to laugh. «He’s looking at me Grandpa, right at me»!

«Well, he knows a real Horseman when he sees one.»

Then the other two came over of their own accord, nuzzling Jesus and Davie!

Davie stood real still, half afraid yet half in joyous expectation…Their dark eyes looked kind and gentle.

Jesus gave them both a pat and said, «This one is ‹Wind Song›. Michael will be riding him. They sing as they go to lead the charge! The one by you Davie is named ‹Trumpeter›. Gabriel will be mounted on him as he blows ‹The Last Trump›, for ‹The Trumpet shall sound…›»!

Just as they had quietly appeared, they disappeared into what seemed like a mist. Davey watched them go with a feeling of sadness. Jesus laid a hand on his shoulder and said, «Don’t be sad little one.» As He raised His hand the mist seemed to rise like a big curtain…

Davey gasped in awe, «Jiminy Crickets, what, what…Oh my gosh, I don’t – yes I do.»

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