Time to go Home

As far as his eye could see were Angelic beings on white horses and in Chariots of Fire! They were coming and going like the flash of lightning. Their clothes were bright and shining with a soft glow, like a candle glowing. It didn’t hurt his eyes, but it was more than his young mind could take in for a few moments.

Jesus gathered him up in his arms and said very softly, «These are The Hosts of Heaven. Do you know what that means Davie›?

«Nope, not for sure; but I think it’s what that guy ‹John the Elevator› saw isn’t it»?

«Yes it is», Jesus replied and kept His laughter to himself…

«You will not remember much of all you have seen and heard here at first when you get home; but, when you need it I›ll bring it to your remembrance! And in answer to the question that’s bothering you at the mention of home – You will not be ‹Bonkers›»!

«How did you know that»?

«I know everything that bothers my children Davie»!

«Well, ya know my Dad’s a doctor and I ‹member some things about people getting hurt in the head, sometimes they›re not the same anymore…ya know»!

«You›re going to be better than you were before my Davie boy»!

«Good, ‹cuz I gotta lotta stuff to learn, and everyone up here told me something to remember too.»

«Davie, your Heavenly Father is your teacher! He won’t give you more to do or wonder about then you can learn, nor will I or your Mom and Dad.»

Davie looked up at him and grinned, his father’s Irish twinkling in his eyes, «Good, cuz I›m just a kid»!

Jesus saw that twinkle, heard the lilt in his voice, and knew His Father had perfected him…It was «Time for him to go home»! He sent «The Word» out silently…

David Sr., the Grandfather, would ready the horses and the chariot. Nonie would hold him for that «Joyous Return» to his parents – Their undaunted faith and love had let her go at her request. They had not doubted nor blamed anyone for the accident that had taken her from them – They had rejoiced for her! Now, their faith was going to bear its fruit!

How Jesus rejoiced at His Father’s Plan and Power. His great Love and Delight in Goodness and Mercy! The part He had played seemed like nothing compared to the Joy He knew every time He held one of them in His arms; whether it was to return them to Earth for a time, or to share His Kingdom here and now with them…If He could only get them to understand, The Kingdom was there too! He and His Father were there too…Although They were in a different «Form»!

The different «Form» did not change God’s will for them through Him. They were His and God’s! Even the ones God had given Him still belonged to both of Them…

His Hope rested in those that believed…Who believed not just in Him, but in His precious little lambs that had carried on «The Work» and «The Message». They carried it on to a «Cross» of their own! He had welcomed them «Home», shared His Kingdom with them, and rejoiced at what they had written in «The Book» for all!

Their own writings had been a «Testimony» to Him; but, like a «Two-Edged Sword» it had sealed their place With Him & In Him – With «The Father» also! It had sent this precious little boy to them too! He had asked for John the Bath-tist, Paul, and Andrew. He knew Luke was a Doctor and remembered Peter, Barn-something and John the Elevator!

Their work was a «Labor of Love» – And still is to all those who carry «The Word» in «Earthen Vessels».

Jesus thought on these things as Davie and He walked hand in hand to their Father.

Davie was enthralled with «The Angels», «The Horses», «The Chariots», and his Grandfather…He did not yet realize who the other two were!

Jesus felt the reality of Heaven and Earth would be better served and more understood if Jonathan was the one who explained it to him! So He left him again with their Father.

As «The Word» of his leaving was known to all, they began to gather quietly and unseen by Davie…

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