Davie Comes Home!

«Davie, your Grandmother Nonie is here and she would like to hold you before you go home. Do you remember her», asked His Father?

Davie thought hard, «Some…»

«…Yes I do! She laughed a lot – Played with me – She would get down on the floor and play trucks and stuff like that with me, and she sang to me! She and my Mom played the ‹Do-its›; you know, where they both sit on the piano bench and play the same song. They›d sing and my Dad would pick me up and dance me around and sing too»!

«Mom said he sang like a ‹Bull Frog›. He›d just laugh and say, ‹That’s OK, I›m a happy Bull frog› and my Davie is a tadpole. Our pond is a good pond with lots of lily pads›. Then he›d kiss Mom and Grandma»!

«I kinda ‹member a song she used to sing. It had funny words like ‹Tu ra lu ra – Lu ra li›, something like that…»

Nonie picked him up and started to sing…

Hush now don’t you cry…

Then Davie hugged her real tight as the memory of her came to him in a rush. He remembered the singing and much more…


Luke and Jonathan had given in to Kate’s pleas: Couldn’t they bring Davie to the Executive Suite? He was fine as far as they could tell! Every tests showed nothing negative – Heart, Lungs, Kidneys – All were working well…He just wouldn’t wake up! To anyone looking, he just looked like a healthy, rosy cheeked, little boy asleep wearing a white helmet. It had been five weeks now, «Thumper» was safe if he or she decided to put in an appearance…

So Davie was brought to the Executive Suite and Kate got to see him and hold him beside her in bed for what seemed like forever to her. Her tears broke Luke’s heart as she held him for the first time – He looked so peaceful, breathed on his own, and seemed to be resting in his Mother’s arms as naturally as he always had.

Luke had a meeting that night with the staff. His Dad had gone out to the estate to help Joe work on the barn. They were fixing up a stall for the pony they›d bought for Davie’s birthday! His mom had opted to spend the night on the daybed rather than be alone at the Hotel.

As he walked to the meeting he wondered if Davie would ever ride the pony, play Soccer, T-ball, and all the things he was looking forward to…

His heart ached, yet the joy that Davie was alive and Kate and «Thumper» were okay helped him keep his hopes up!


…She always smelled so good! Yes, that was it! She smelled just like his Mom – Sweet and Clean – For they use the same «Stuff» as he and his Dad called it! «Farpume», soap, the «Special» hair gunk – Wash, rinse, condition, style, and blow dry!

His Dad and he just showered and then shook like puppies! They teased his Mom and Grandma Nonie…She smelled just like «Home»! A wave of home-sickness swept over him so strongly he thought he was going to cry…Just then he heard a voice, «Look Davie…», and his Grandfather came to a stop right in front of him and Nonie. He was driving two beautiful horses and a chariot!

Davie’s eyes got real big, then he looked again and saw so many people and heard them all telling him goodbye…The music came to him too! Dr. Luke was in the chariot with his Grandpa, John the Bath-tist, Paul, and Andrew were in the front of the large group with Jesus.

Nonie, still holding him, stepped into the chariot, and then Jesus too. «Wow», Davie exclaimed as his heart jumped and then he cried, «Wait, Wait»!

Davie jumped down and started running towards a tall figure running towards him – He was caught up in a pair of loving arms – His Father – His very own Heavenly Father!

«I heard it, I heard it! I heard Your Voice call to my heart! I did, I really did! Oh, I love You Father.»

«I know you did Davie! This gift is Ours to keep and share, you will always be able to ‹Hear Me›…If you listen! Now, can you keep a secret»?

Dave grinned, «Sometimes. OK, not really very good; but, I›ll try »!

«Thumper is a girl…Her name is Melody, for she will put a song in everyone’s heart when she is born», his Father whispered in his ear!

Then he was back in the chariot. Dr Luke was on one side and Jesus was on the other. As his Grandma Nonie held him and sang to him he felt soft arms around him. Angels were flying beside them, and had no trouble keeping up!

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