Davie Comes Home!

Davie looked at Jesus and felt such love well up in him. Jesus looked at him and felt the same love, smiled, and said, «Remember, I›m in here» and gently placed his hand over Davie’s heart.

«Yes, I›ll ‹member, I love you so much Jesus.»

«I know», Jesus replied…


Luke’s meeting had run longer than he had expected. When he got back to the Suite his Mom and Kate were both sound asleep and Davie was still in their bed. Kate’s hand was holding his up next to her face, as if she had kissed him goodnight that way. So he decided to crawl in Davie’s bed rather than disturb them.

He was having a hard time adjusting to the small bed. He missed Kate’s soft body «spooned» up against his, and the protective arm he always put around her and «Thumper». As he turned again he felt a strange sensation in his hands as though he had fallen asleep and they had been cramped in some way. Then he heard music and someone singing «Tu ra lu ra li…»

All of a sudden he heard a small voice…»Mom, I know a secret»!

Kate screamed for him, «LUKE, LUKE»!

Luke jumped up; hit a light switch on the bedside table, and almost fainted…Davie was hugging Kate, both little arms around her neck, and he was laughing!


Davie was awake!?

Was he dreaming?

No he wasn›t!

He went over to the bed. Kate was pointing and ruffling Davie’s black curls. The helmet was gone – Where? He quickly sat down before he fell down…There was no scar? No sign of where the ugly gash had been!

Luke reached over to Kate as tears ran down his face. He laid a hand on Davie as they both kept touching him in disbelief, shock, and Joy!

Then Davie set up, reached for his Dad with both arms and hugged him as he had his Mom. He hugged, held, laughed, and cried as he tipped him back to see that little face – Free of all bruises – No tell-tale scars of any kind…His Son, home, healed, bright, and laughing! The impish grin in place full force! Beautiful green eyes full of intelligence looked at him – His heart knew – Davie was Davie! He was back! He was home! He was Healed, Whole, and Healthy! Nothing Wrong!!!

Luke’s Mom awoke with a start…»Luke did you – Oh my, God in Heaven – Thank You Jesus, Thank You! She began to cry, sat up and reached for Kate’s hand as Kate reached for hers. They held each other, laughing and crying and trying to thank God all at the same time! Davie said, «Mom, Grammy Megan, don’t cry…»

«…Gramma Nonie, Grampa David, My Jesus and Dr. Luke brought me back – I›m Fine – Really – I›m not Bonkers – Jesus said so…»! At this they all stared in shock. «Where’s Uncle ‹J›, I›ve gotta a ‹funny› for him»?

Luke kicked himself. Why hadn’t he called Jonathan and his Dad? Then he realized he was not capable of thinking straight right now. He buzzed Jonathan’s pager and asked him to come to the Suite. His Mom called his Dad, Ellie, and Joe.

Slowly his mind began to register the things Davie was saying…My Jesus – Grampa David – Gramma Nonie – Another Doctor named Luke – Had brought him back! Back from where?

Before he could gather his wits about him Jonathan came bursting into the Suite…He was expecting something wrong, or maybe Kate was going into labor? He stopped and looked around him at the un-believing faces; tear stained and yet laughingly pointing…Davie was sitting up!

Aunt Megan was sitting next to Luke who had one arm around her and the other arm around Kate. Davie sat on his lap with both women’s hands touching him too! He, like Luke, nearly fainted and he had to sit down. What the? Davie? Luke? Kate? Please someone; fill me in – what happened?

Luke, my God, we›ve got to run some tests – call for the team – as he sputtered to a stop he looked again at Davie who was grinning at him! Where was his helmet? Where had all those black curls come from? Those big green eyes were wide open, awake!! The smile was Davie’s… He walked over slowly, unbelief written all over his face, reached down, and with gentle, skillful hands, touched his head and sought for the scar that was not there – Luke, what’s going on?

Jonathan, I don’t know either; but I know that I know that Davie is awake and healed! There will be no tests run either tonight or tomorrow. God through Jesus Christ has healed ‹Our Boy›! Dad is on the way in and as soon as he gets here we are going to have a special – Extra Special – Blessing Night of Praise and Thanksgiving!!!

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