Davie Comes Home!

I know who healed ‹Our Boy›… I also know it took ‹Teamwork› – ‹Heaven and Earth› – ‹Co-Labour with God› to the Glory of His Son; Christ Jesus, to bring this answer to our Prayer…That’s all I know and all I›ll ever need to know for tonight! Then WE are going to get some much needed sleep!

We will share Our Father’s and Jesus› part with the Hospital Staff and our many friends tomorrow. They are all part of this ‹Miracle› too…Most deserving of our heart felt thanks and seeing God’s Handiwork thru Christ on Earth for themselves!

Luke had motioned for Jonathan to lift Davie up in his own arms which he quickly and gratefully did! As those little arms came around his neck and he felt a kiss on his cheek he heard a small giggle in his ear and thought his heart would break…Tears flooded his eyes and ran unchecked down his cheeks as Luke joined them in their ‹Three-way Hug›. They have perfected it between themselves, for the ‹Guy Thing› – No Girls Allowed!

Just as they were getting themselves back together Luke’s Dad came rushing in – Looked at all the faces – Tears, and smiles and said, in a joking voice, «Have you all been drinking? Calling me out in the middle of the night and you›re all here»? Then he stopped…Reached for the back of the chair to keep himself from falling…

Davie was looking at him and grinning from between Luke and Jonathan’s arms as they held him out to his Grandpa!

«Oh dear God in heaven, Jesus oh Jesus, yes – Yes.» He reached for the little guy who held his heart and his small hands. He found a chair and sat down. They put Davie in his lab and his two strapping, six-foot, sons saw him weep like a baby as he held him to his heart, just the black curls that covered his now healed head, tipped him back and said, «Welcome home, welcome home, I will praise God, welcome home»!

Davie put his hands on both sides of his face and said, «Grampa, don’t try. Please, I›m fine! My other Grampa brought me home to you guys.»

Again, everyone looked at each other wondering…

Davie’s matter-of-fact statements did not sound like he had had a dream or was «Bonkers.» But he was tired. He looked at his Dad, then over to his ‹Sweet Smelling› Mom and said, «Can I sleep with you guys? You know, and do ‹The Spoons›»?

His memory of «The Spoons» made Kate’s heart soar! Her Davie was home!! She said, «You bet you can honey»!

Luke gathered him up in his arms and asked everyone to please call it a night. Davie said, «I don’t think I have a toothbrush, do I? I don’t think I had one up there either»!

«We›ll get you one first thing in the morning, Son.»

«Okay, I want a blue one…» and with that he fell fast asleep! He stirred a bit when Luke leaned down to lay him beside Kate. She whispered, «We›ll do «The Spoons» after you get in Luke. I need to hold him a little bit longer.»

He kissed her and «Thumper», agreed, turned out the lights, and Lenny spooning her against him. For what seemed an eternity he held his family together in his arms. «Together» is what came to his mind; Heaven and Earth, Father and Sons and Daughters – Fathers and Mothers and Sons and Daughters and Brothers and Sisters and Husbands and Wives – All One Family!!!

His heartfelt thanks could not be verbalized; but, he knew as sure as he felt «His Family» here – They were also «There» – Safe in a bigger pair of arms and hands than his! His absolute knowledge of this did not require an explanation or even a declaration. He knew, and he knew his Big Brother Jesus knew, as did his Heavenly Father.

«The Spoons» were different that night. He and Davie each held their loves between them. Luke laughed softly; it was not a «Guy Thing» – «Girls Were Allowed»!

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