The Pity Pot

As Luke drew closer to «J’s» apartment he heard Davie’s small voice…

«Gosh uncle «J», I didn’t mean to make you cry. Please don’t cry. Do you want me to go get Dad»?

«No, No Davie! I›m crying because I am happy, glad, sad, mixed up… I don’t want anyone but you right now, okay»?

«Sure, but I don’t cry when I›m happy»!

Luke stopped himself from barging it as «J» said, «Tell me again, you know, what she said.»

«Well, she said you were special and she loved you very much. She hugged me and kissed me and said, you know, ‹Thank you› to me for loving you! I thought that was kinda funny – ‹Cause I don’t ‹member when I didn’t love you Uncle Jonathan»!

«I guess that’s when she said, ‹I was to be The One who brought you back to them›. I didn’t know what she meant. Then the nice man kinda laughed, ya know, and said for you to get off the ‹Pity Pot›, they want some Grandkids to brag about too.»

«Then they were gone; but the horses stayed, and Jesus let me pet them. My other Grandpa said I was a good horseman! He’s got the same name as me and he picked me out and sent me down to my Mom and Dad.»

«Oh Davie, does your Mom or Dad know about all of this»?

«Nope, this ‹Funny› was just for you! Me and God have this ‹Secret Heart Voice› – He told me to wait. I was gonna tell you in the Hospital; but He said wait. Then tonight he said, ‹Okay.›»

Jonathan just stared at him…Disbelief was impossible! The little guy was not «Bonkers» nor was he making it up. No one knew about the ‹Pity Pot› except his parents!

«Uh, what do you mean, «Secret Heart Voice»?

«Well, I wanted to talk to that guy Andrew; but I didn’t tell anyone, not even God or Jesus – But Andrew heard me and he came because he heard my hearts ‹zire.»


«Yes, that’s it, he just came! Jesus said I›d understand it better later. And just as we were leaving, we were all in the chariot…Grampa David, Dr. Luke, and Jesus; Grandma Nonie was holding me and that’s when I heard it»!

«I made everybody wait! As I ran back I saw My Heavenly Father running towards me – He caught me up in His Arms, told me that ‹Thumper› was a girl and her name would be ‹Melody›! He told me He loved me, and I told Him too!»

«It was supposed to be a secret, ya know, but I told my Mom ‹cuz she was crying. God said it was Okay – Then I told my Dad, and told him it was a secret, I don’t think he told anybody though.»

«Then God told me another secret and I didn’t tell; but it was true just like He said»!

Jonathan sat back on the bed and pulled Davie up beside him. «Davie, this is so wonderful. I do believe you and you will never know how much you›ve helped me»!

«Gosh Uncle «J» it’s for everybody – Not just me or you! All you gotta do is the ‹Pent Thing› first and then get ‹Bathtized› – God and Jesus do all the rest! Don’t you know that? It’s in the book! You can read for yourself. I›m sure gonna read it when I can read better»! But I know a

«God said the reason I was there was because my Mom and Dad read it, believed, and put me in Jesus hands! Ya know, I got healed and saw a lot of ‹Stuff› and ‹Guys› too»!

«Yes Davie I know, I know! I do, I do!»

He held this «Little Messenger» close to his heart and said, «I›ll do the ‹Pent Thing› and get ‹Bath-tized›! Where you get in the water with me and hold my hand»?

«Sure Uncle ‹J› – Sure I will! – I love you and the water; we›ll be Okay»!

Luke turned and left on silent feet; but his heart was hammering in his chest at what he had just heard! He remembered Davie had told him Dr. Luke had a gift for him too!

As Luke walked back to «His Girls», picked them both up in his arms, settled them close to his heart, and leaned down to give Kate a kiss on the cheek as she held their precious daughter; she had the brown eyes Kate had ordered and he had caught glimpses of red in her hair as he had hoped for, he wondered how he was going to relay to Kate the conversation he had just overheard?

First, he wanted to thank God through Jesus for Davie and Jonathan’s «Funny.» To have him «back» in spirit and truth was almost more than he knew how to thank God for! As his mind struggled for words he heard a soft, gentle, almost laughing voice – «The Secret Voice of the Heart» – «Let your heart speak, Luke My Son – I hear you – Always»!

His thoughts immediately turned to the Scriptures; «A little child shall lead them…» filled his heart and mind!

As he entered their bedroom he heard «The Music»! Kate’s look of Awe and Wonder made him know she was hearing it to: «In My Heart there Rings a Melody of LOVE»!!!

While they gazed at each other and the «Melody» in their arms, «The Music» seemed to fill the whole house. Just as the shepherds heard the angels sing at the joy of Christ’s birth, they knew that joy was still as real today as it was then!!!

Davie’s and God’s «Secret» was a secret no more… for «God’s Melody» is still heard by All who do believe! At Uncle «J’s» New Birth the song rang out again, as it Always has, and Always will when one Sinner Repents!

Luke knew this was not only true in «Spirit», Heaven and Earth do rejoice together; that was and is Christ’s Finished Work on «The Cross»!

God’s love in action for us; God so loved – He Gave!

They had received as Jesus words fulfilled themselves…

So can you!!!

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