Women takes Chief Seat

The Episcopalian Denomination elected a woman to their DENOMINATIONAL CHIEF SEAT as BISHOP. In an interview on US national television she boldly declares, HOMOSEXUALITY OK – GOD›S WORD NOT RELEVANT TODAY.

This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop… he must be the husband of one wife… 1 Timothy 3:1-2

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  1. «Bishop», Greek, e-pis-co-pos (transliteration) «Overseer» …one who has ‹oversight›, one of several titles by which a preacher, pastor, minister, etc. who teaches the Bible message is called.

    The man holding this office is not required to be married, but, if he is, he is required to have but one wife. Some translate the episcopos and wife requirement as a «one-woman-man», not the multiple «wives» of the 1st Century, converted to Christ and seeking to become part of the church may have required a decision as to which woman was to be the «wife». The other women possibly in the man’s earlier life – before his conversion and consideration for being a Bishop – had to be arranged for in the love and spirit of the teachings of Christ, because across the street in the ‹1st Corinthian Church› ‹anything-goes›, these ‹other› woman became, possibly, ’servant-sisters› in the household, but the marriage bed was for the one-woman whom the Bishop took as his sex partner in the marriage relationship, thus, the «one-woman man».

    The new «Bishop» of The Episcopalian Denominations, as a woman, is in error, first because she does not fit the qualification of 1 Tim. 3:1-2. Second, other comments made by her in news reports of the event sited that she is on an agenda to ‹abolish› the ‹male-ness› of a Bishop. Her statement about ‹homosexuality being OK›, because ‹God’s word is not relevant today› shows her agenda, spirit or lack of it and total disregard for God’s Word to man.

    Homosexuality is a perverted relationship between two people – maybe more in a perverted relationship – looking like a legitimate marriage, and God calls it an abomination. God will judge it! He did with Sodom and Gomorrah and who are we to think He does not notice. May God have mercy on America and Western Civilization who had their roots in Biblical truth.

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