Hath God Said?

Greetings to all at Mount Zion, and Our Father, c/o Our Lord Jesus Christ

Well, Father, we are gathered together as Paul instructed us! After MUCH prayer and debate, we are all of one accord.

We are SET for the defence of The Gospel! One of our group said, «We are not only set for the defence of The Gospel, we are set (seated) in The Heavenlies!» It is You who have set us. The Words «set» and «seated» have taken on new meaning to us today, being «taught of You» through John the Baptist, Christ, Paul, and all of those You and Christ have sent is such a joy! We feel honored more than any other honor «in the Name of Jesus Christ», to be labourers together with You and Ambassadors for Christ! WOW, this blows our minds, and as «IT IS WRITTEN» we believe!!!

Paul, as an Ambassador for Christ, prayed for us, «we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.» 2nd Corinthians 5:20-21 Now we are reconciled to God, that is You! We have been made the righteousness of You, in Him!

We thank You, and praise You, for this Almighty Truth, and know the price paid by You, John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul, and all the others who believed You and have gone on before us to make «The Way» plainer for us to follow – not just by their footsteps, but by their lives, deaths, and shed blood.

We certainly know Christ did not come to exalt himself, he came to save us, and You exalted him because he finished his work! He got us to You, and You to us. We do not have the words to thank You for this wonderful gift of salvation and life. Our prayer today is to show our thanks for the anointing, and to ask You that the words we send to our brothers, sisters, and other mothers of Christ will be anointed and blessed by You. We also ask that these blessed and anointed words will reach all who are as hungry and diligent in seeking The Truth in Christ Jesus as we are.

Our group, Your children, are going to obey Paul’s teaching in doing all things decently and in order. He spoke for Christ, as Christ spoke for You, and we have received his witness and also that of John the Baptist whom You sent! Now that we are being taught of You each one of us has a doctrine, a tongue, a revelation, and an interpretation to share. This way, through Christ, «The Way», we all learn and are edified. Our joy is full and we not only have life, but life more abundantly, now that You and Christ are with us. Paul even said, though he is absent in body, he is present with us in spirit.

We are doubly blessed; as Jesus said, for we have treasure from both the Old and New Testaments. We have chosen to eat at the table – «The Scriptures» – You have provided for us in the presence of our enemies. We found Your words, and did eat them; and Your word is unto us the joy and rejoicing of our hearts: for we are called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.

We are not going to argue, debate, or even fear them for our new question is «Hath God said» and our answer is «Yes, God hath said.» They cannot gainsay any thing we say, Father, for we will speak «The Word» only.

The battle is Yours and the victory is ours in Christ Jesus! We know this because we peeked – and read the end of «The Book». While it is good to be a «believer» it is much better to be a «knower», for we KNOW whom we believe; You, John the Baptist, and Jesus Christ, whom You sent, and all whom Christ sent, including all the prophets and King David whose throne You gave to Jesus. Christ Jesus is our King and we will have this MAN to reign over us until he gives all things over to You!

Your Children in Love, we are Yours in Christ

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