New «Holy Father»

The TV News and Newspapers are full of Pope Francis!

Who is he to you?

Do you call him «Holy Father»?

If so, you are joining him and 1.1 Billion Catholics in Direct Defiance of The Word of God…

«Call no man your father upon the earth:
for one is your Father, which is in heaven.»

(Matthew 23:9)

Did he «knit your bones together in your mother’s womb?

Did he have anything to do with the Creation of Heaven, Earth, and the Seas?

Did he Love you so much he sent his only begotten son to die for you?

Will he be there at your death when you meet your Real Heavenly Father!

If your answers are NO, then really think and pray before you choose to knowingly disobey God, believe a lie, and act on it!!!

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  1. The Pope is a mess and I already knew this from teaching that I learned many years ago, there was a book I›ve read by this lady whose title was He came to set the captive free, by Rebecca Brown, she showed me how much God really love’s an how He sets the captive free. Even those that are bound by Satan and his demons, the book itself explains the great love of God. king kid

  2. Got it! Thanks a lot again for heniplg me out!

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