Jesus› Inheritance – You!

Did you know you were a gift to Jesus from God! It is written. Jesus Delighted in Us – «The Children of Men»! So God gave Us – The Gentiles – to Him! We are His Inheritance […]

Massacre in Tuscon

People are looking for the motive this man in Arizona needed to Massacre innocent people! He did not need a motive, he was born a Child of the Devil with the nature of the Devil – Kill, Steal, and Destroy […]

Something not Sent…

Is it possible to receive something not sent to you? If I DO NOT send you a package, will you get one? Of course not! The question even sounds ridiculous …Butt, it is not as ridiculous as their teaching […]

Will not Work? Will not Eat!

Can you see the Pope digging ditches? Can you see Joel Osteen flipping hamburgers? Can you see any of these so-called women preachers and teachers scrubbing floors, making beds, or cleaning toilets in a motel? […]