Why Bad Things happen to Good People!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…Ignorance Hosea 4:6

Ignorance: is where someone or something is uninformed. This should not be confused with being unintelligent, as one’s level of intelligence and level of education or general awareness are not the same. The word «Ignorant» is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware.

The concept of ignorance has social and legal implications. The legal principle that ignorantia juris non excusat, literally «ignorance of the law is no excuse», stands for the proposition that the law applies also to those who are unaware of it.
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Our Kingdom’s ignorance is our own fault…

We are to teach our own children – not leave them to the mercy of Satan’s kingdom and his children! Because we have chosen to disregard God’s Book of instructions for us here, on our journey homeward, and have not used the power Christ gave us …Butt, have trusted in man’s ways and not God’s. Now, we are seeing Evil freely at work throughout the whole world!

Our guess is Man-made churches and Televangelists are all of Satan’s «Subtle Works» designed to deceive us, just as he deceived Eve.

So we see it daily on TV and in the newspapers. Man thinks he can legislate morality, what a crock. Even God could not do that! His laws are here for all to see. Do they make any difference, stop any robbers, murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, or adulterers? Of course NOT!!! Putting someone in jail does not change their nature. Paying a fine for breaking the law does not change them either.

Money at no time excuses sin, or gets rid of it! Money’s root is Evil, and does not change just because you set a price on breaking the law.

We are so lazy and lax in our time here, that we do not read and learn for ourselves the laws of God, we are to blame for our own situation! No Minister, Televangelist, or friend can do it for us…None of their books, CD’s, tapes, or prayers can change us. That is God’s and Christ’s Holy, Sovereign, right – And there is only One Way – Christ’s Way!

Jesus knew the Scriptures from a child and grew in grace with God and man. He obeyed God and was baptized – God Said, «This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!»

Jesus› mother and father believed God and obeyed, their obedience saved us!

John the Baptist parents believed and obeyed, right down to the naming of their child!

Every Word God has given us is for our obedience ensuring our blessedness…

Abraham believed God. ALL of our physical blessings come from that simple faith – Abraham believed God!

Paul believed Jesus and espoused us to One Husband! He explained how we were Crucified with Christ – How our old man was drowned and dead – Buried with Him in Baptism, and resurrected with Him by the power and operation of God – Now seated with Him in Heavenly places, FAR ABOVE ALL PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS of this world, that Adam gave to the Devil!

The Devil’s kids are loose here, doing all the evil works of their father, just as Jesus said they would …Butt, Jesus gave us Power over ALL the power of the Enemy (the Devil and his kids), we are not using it!

No, we are going to man-made buildings, giving to them to continue their different ways, apart from Christ’s Way! Giving billions of dollars to Churches and Televangelists! Studying their books, listening to their tapes, watching their DVD’s, and buying their junk – trinkets made for them, crosses, shawls, prayer cloths, and oil sold in «sacred» bottles, junk of this world. We give our «Tithes and Offerings» buying their airplanes, paying for their homes and buildings, then leaving the poor hungry, and homeless!

Paul said, «If you don’t work you shouldn’t eat»…Find me one who works!!!

Just look at their buildings…We have the same Book they have – So why do we need a building or T.V. Studio to have the Book read to us? A Book we can hold in our own hands?

Jesus explained very clearly, He would come to our house and «Our Father» – Our «Great Reward» – would come with Him to teach us as he taught Jesus! He said we could meet with «Our Father» – God – Secretly! Anytime we want! In our house, in a Secret Place, the «Secret Place of The Most High»!

Jesus said, «Go on in there and shut the door. Our Father, who sees you in secret, will reward you openly!»

God is Our Father, and He is Always Home. We do not have to go anywhere. He waits for us there, in the Secret Kingdom! When we dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High, we live under the shadow of His wings – Safe and Secure – covered with Christ’s blood and Our Father’s Loving arms…Loved, Blessed, and Taught.

God’s New Order On The Mountaintop was and is, «This is My Beloved Son, Hear Him.» And here we do hear Him! He gave us His life, His blood, His name, and showed us The Way to Our Father!

We do not need any book but The One He Authored. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith! We don’t need anyone Else’s additions to His Book. We are warned that adding to, deleting from, or changing His Word brings a curse. Christ warned us Himself. If we want to disobey His commandments…we do so at our own peril!

It does not matter how big a Church following they have…

How many countries they travel too, at our expense…

If they say anything different than the Scripture, they are not Christ’s disciples, nor are they teachers sent by Him! If they charge money for their so-called gifts they are not God’s either! God so loved that He gave – He did not sell! The buyers and sellers were the ones Christ drove out of the house of God. We have also been warned! If we try to buy any of the gifts of God, we, and our money will perish!

He gave us the Keys of the Kingdom: Binding and Loosing…

First bind the Strong Man, then tear down his strongholds. Loose yourself and your household from all his lies and attacks. God will give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. Call for them, Loose them, Let them fight your battles, and those of your family’s. Put ALL of your household and possessions under their care and keeping!

Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. In your mighty name of Jesus Christ pull Satan’s Strongholds down, loose your body, heart, mind, spirit, and soul from any and all of his foul lies and evil works! You have that power – Jesus gave it to you – Use it! It is Written, and the Devil cannot break any of God’s laws or the protection God gives…Jesus ensured and paid for it on the Cross!

We preach Christ and Him crucified as our guarantee of these truths! Speak the Truth and watch the Word of His Power work for you, and through you, just as it did for Jesus. God is with us just as he was and is with Jesus – Forever. Our victory is already won! It too is Written.

In love and power, be as He was and is. Amen!

PS – To ALL of My children,

I AM not an absentee Father. I AM with you. Learn of Me. I sent you My Beloved Son, He will reveal Me to you! He sits at My Mighty Right Hand and lives forever to make intercession for you. He knows your needs, as I do, before you ask! I want you to ask so you will know, I ALWAYS hear and answer you. He made it ALL possible…
I love you,

I AM, Your Father

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