House of God or House of Merchandise?

«The Merchants of Today» (Preachers and Televangelists) preach nearly as much about their «Merchandise» as they do «The Bible». Most have «Click Stores On-Line» and «Catalogs of Merchandise with Order Forms» in their mailings!

They claim to have «Special Revelations from God» in their Books, CD’s, and DVD’s. They also sell Rugs, Scarves, Hankies, Candles, Robes, Xmas Ornaments, Cards, and Jewelry which are supposed to have «Special Powers» – Healing Virtues or the power to Bless the Wearer?

While none of these Things may be Evil in and of themselves, it is «The Way» they are presented which is…

Romans 8:32 Clearly explains that God gives us All Things Freely – For Free. Jesus said, «Freely you have received, Freely Give!» If these Men and Women have received «Special Revelations from God», who gives us All Things for Free, they should be sharing them for Free!

Charging for God’s Free Gifts, or trying to Buy them is a sure Curse as Peter said, «Your money perish with you, because you have thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money.» (Acts 8:20)

The implication that we need their Books, Tapes, Cd’s, and DVD’s because they have more Power to help us in our walk with the Lord than His Own Word is just not true! They have «Added to His Word»… Revelation 22:18 clearly states: «If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.»

Purchasing their «Merchandise» buys you No Favor with God! Neither His Love nor His Gifts can be bought with money. They are Free to us, though costly to Our Father – They cost Him the life of His Son Jesus.

The Living Word and The Written Word are the Greatest Gifts Ever! Many Prophets and Saints of Old gave their lives for writing that «Book». Now we can purchase it, and read it for ourselves, at no danger to us… Think about that!

Jesus drove the «Buyers and Sellers» of His Day out of the Temple by force, He used a whip, and overthrew the «Money Changer’s» tables. Then He commanded, «Make not My Father’s House a House of Merchandise!» He also called it a «Den of Thieves!»

I wonder what He would Do and Say Today if He were to visit our «Local Churches» or tune into the TV and watch the Televangelists and Profits…

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